Roll Call - Metro NYC


Yes, actually. I live far from NYC these days but lived there from 2008-2013.

I played Silver lake in June of 2010. I liekd it.
It was pretty easy to get to (from Manhattan) and I enjoyed it. Its a true “muni” in every way that I wouldn’ t wanna play it when the weather sucked or has been bad that week - I doubt it recovers quickly.
But otherwise, its a nice place thats fairly easy to get to. Its got old charm to it. its short. its inexpensive. Its not some hidden gem… just a lovely old golf course thats kept in decent shape and is fun to play and easier to get to then alot of other public course in greater NYC


I played Silver Lake for the first time with some buddies a few months ago. We drove out from Manhattan and it wasn’t tough to get there at all. The layout is relatively nondescript, but the terrain has some rolling features and a few interesting holes. The course itself was in pretty good condition when I played, but I wouldn’t expect too much on that front.

Unfortunately (like any muni on the weekend) they really seem to let a ton of people on the course – in front of us there was a fivesome of older women who might as well have been playing cards out there.

In terms of price, I’d probably say Silver Lake is a little overpriced relative to some of the other options around the city. Personally, I think Pelham Bay/Split Rock is a better experience at less cost.


NLU I need your help again. I am attending a wedding in Summit, NJ this weekend and have put in charge of finding golf for Friday. Our hopes and dreams of playing Baltusrol were shattered. It is a group of 12-16 golfers. Cost is most likely not an issue here. Looking for a course close to Summit (within 30 mins or so) that is fun to play.

I personally work with Warrenbrook and see that they are 20 mins away. Are there any other public tracks around that would be a better bet?


Ballyowen - great track and wondeful staff, about one hour away from Summit. My friend invited me to an outing last month that was $150 for the golf, dinner and open bar after the round and was fantastic value.

Not sure if you’re looking for post round topper like that, or if it’s too far of a trek.

They also send out a bagpiper every 3 hours or so which is a great touch to hear the bagpipes while on the course.


Neshanic Valley, somerset county’s premier municipal course. Good conditioning and a good enough layout for 12-16.


Agree on Ballyowen, good course. Some other ideas are Berkshire Valley, it’s a little closer to Summit than Ballyowen, maybe a 45 minute drive instead of an hour. One last one to consider, and it’s closer still, is Galloping Hill. That’s probably 15 minutes from Summit. Quality goes in that order, Ballyowen, Berkshire Valley, then Galloping Hill, but they’re all good public courses. Berkshire is tons of fun to play, great layout. Galloping Hill would probably be the most crowded if I had to guess.


How late into the season will everyone play? I’m on Long Island and am hoping to play until snow is on the ground.


I played this past weekend at mill pond. Course was empty because it was walking only and I couldn’t be happier. 50-60 and sunny with some wind. If we can get weather like that for another month I’ll be a happy man.


How is Mill Pond? It’s like an hour ride from me in Nassau. Worth the trip?


Would love to keep it going this season but I can’t stand losing balls that are in play due to leaves


Curious about this too. I almost exclusively play Bethpage these days. All five courses.

Sometimes I’ll play Lido if I know it’ll be empty and I want to play quickly.


Not Metro but play in South Jersey (Live in Eastern PA about 40 minutes from Philly) and I am playing until snow. Have my Thanksgiving AM tee time already locked in before an afternoon of food, family, and football. Two years ago, when we had a light winter I played Christmas Eve. My family thinks I am insane


Mill Pond isnt too bad. Short course only around 6200-6300 yards from the “tips”. The few times I’ve played it, the course has been in decent shape. I’ve had a couple of brutually slow rounds there over the summer (5 1/2 hour range). Not sure I would drive an hour to play it.

The appeal to most courses out east for me, is that hopefully the pace of play is better than at Bethpage. Drive an extra 30-45 minutes to play a 4 hourish round with minimal waiting is the plan. Doesnt always work out.


I played mill pond the 1st time this summer and it was a 6 hour round. Never wanted to go back. Even Lido on its worst days was quicker. Last weekend was in good shape for it pouring rain the night before and the course was empty and it gained back some points. Its not overly challenging as most par 4 are pretty straight away but there is enough water and tons of fescue to make you keep it straight. Worth the drive? If I was going east I’d head for Wind Watch or Willow Creek.

Ive moved east from Long Beach so Im trying to find a new home club now that Lido isnt down the road.


I had the same experience as @clickbard - I played it once this summer and it was a 6 hour round. It wasn’t worth the trek for me coming from Nassau.

I love Middle Island and Spring Lake - both in the same town. It’s worth the drive and the round is always under 5 hours.


Essex Co., NJ here. 2/3 of our muni system courses are open year-round, weather permitting (ie, no snow on the ground). I’ll be out this weekend, and if there is a nice day through the winter, I’m game. I’ve definitely played the week of Christmas on a freak 60-degree day before. It’s fantastic.


…was thinking.

Does anyone know any bars that are showing ‘the match’?

It seems like a prime opportunity for like minded-folks (refugees) to get together in the City.


Im not sure if its an actual bar or more of an event space…but Five Iron in NYC might. Its an indoor golf sim that has leagues etc. Ive never been but I do know its golf centric obviously and it has a bar. It might be a good spot for a refuge NYC meet up someday.


Been there a few times and it’s a pretty cool spot. They’re about to open a second location in FiDi (I think) too. I’ll give them a ring and let you know if they are


Walked Ballyown. Rather not do that again. Felt extremely contrived and did not have that much fun, though could be the terrible walk/routing of the course. Bethpage Red is a ton of fun and not as much of a slog as black, plus very walkable