Roll Call: Memphis 10

Memphis TN here, can’t let the Nashville and East TN folks have all the fun. Off season/hunting has set in but the itch is starting to come back.

From Memphis as well. Where do you normally play out here?

I’m a member at Windyke but will play wherever. What about you?

@Webber I am a member at Windyke as well and always looking for someone to play with. Got a buddy of mine who I play with and we are always trying to get folks together to play.

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I usually go up to covington to play up there. Have a membership to their country club…did it mostly because all the guys i knew who played golf lived up there and were members there (and it is super cheap). I live in East Memphis so the drive is a bit long. I have actually been looking at memberships around Memphis recently.

Windyke isnt bad if you are under 35 and play at least 3x a month. No Food Bev min either. I think if you go and tour the place as a prospect you get a free round on the East and West courses.

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Live in Arlington and work on NSA Mid-South in Millington so I play Glenn Eagle more than anything. Love to play all over though if anyone is ever trying to get a group together.

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That’s what i have been looking at. My membership up in covington was $98 a month (including $27 for food and beverage) so it was hard to pass up. Now that I’m 31, it is up to almost the same amount as Wyndyke and the course isn’t nearly as nice. Trying to find something that won’t have much of an initiation fee right now.

I got a buddy of mine that we’re both members out there. Let me know when you want to meet up

Hey guys, saw some locals on here and wanted to say hey. I am down in Olive Branch, play at OBCC normally, but also like to travel to play when I can.



Welcome! I haven’t played an Olive Branch course in a while. Last one I played was Cherokee Valley and I remember it being pretty nice, busy, but nice.

Cherokee is a great course, my FIL works there and they have been slammed for the last few months. Hoping to make a trip to Mossy Oak in the next few weeks, and hopefully Sweeten’s in the fall. I have never played either one. Have you guys had a chance to play Spring Creek Ranch? Probably my favorite in the area.

I’ve played SPR a couple of times but only in scrambles. Great spot. Mossy Oak is probably my favorite course I’ve ever played (my list is South East Dominant). Sweetens is on the docket this summer.

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Good to know, excited to give Mossy Oak a shot. I am assuming from your username that you run the TLG podcast? Good stuff man, I enjoy listening.

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Mossy Oak and Old Waverly are on my lists to play this summer. I sent membership inquiries last month to all the Memphis area clubs and they weren’t nearly as bad as I thought they would be. I figured Spring Creek Ranch would be the most expensive in the area, and they were actually middle of the pack.

What did SCR come in at? Any initiation or food/bev minimums?

This was the under 40 rate, but no initiation, $395 a month plus $100 a month in food and beverage. I thought i was going to be a really high initiation fee. Monthly rate is what i expected but that F/B rate was one of the higher ones in Memphis.

What’s up guys. I live in midtown. Due to a law school budget, I am regulated to the munis in town. Glad to see some fellow NLUers in the area.


Anyone check anything off the golf course bucket list this summer? Played 45 holes at Sweetens on the Summer Solstice and got down to Fallen Oak in August.

Hopefully we can get a Refuge meet up here before the end of the year if anyone is interested.

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Went to the sweetens super regional last month. Absolutely loved the course. I’m down for a meet up sometime soon. Any courses you have in mind? Need to get the west TN activity up :+1:

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