Roll Call - Melbourne golfers!

I’ll be there in December, such a great idea.

Anyone got any info on the Par 3 course at KH?

The clearing had been done and looked like early stages of earth moving/contouring when I was there about 2 months ago.

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They put out a great drone shot of the little course and it looks incredible. I think it is on their instagram.

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Any news on whether it will be open to local kids/schools to play? Or is it members only?

Latest update for the KH short course below:


Booked flights from the UK to Melbourne for Oct 30 to November 6th :grinning:

Am planning roughly 5 courses between the Sandbelt and Peninsula. Do the big Melbourne courses actually need letters of introduction? I only have a GHIN via the New York Metro association.

Also would KH and Victoria use mats before the Aussie Open? Here before HM UK British Open we do.

Thank you!

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I believe they do need letters if you are not being brought as a guest of a member, from previous discussions it’s all on their websites apparently.

As for mats, I really don’t know. I havnt seen them used on a course here in Aus before (have used them in winter back in Scotland)

For the sandbelt my recommendation is to look into stay and play - that’s how I’ve played Vic GC, and I know Peninsula has it as well.

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