Roll Call: Massachusetts

Mostly been playing at Pine Ridge due to their membership deal they had earlier in the year, $150 for three years of unlimited golf. Not the best course but that was an insane deal.

Played Quail Hollow a couple of times over the past few weeks too. Love this time of year for golf, don’t mind the chill at all.

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Not too far from you, I’m out by Brimfield and Sturbridge. Play out of The Orchards in South Hadley. Welcome any time

Walked an easy nine at Hemlock today. Would love to play The Orchards sometime!

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Anyone playing Thursday? I’m up in NH visiting family and have that day possibly open.


My best was at butter brook on Friday morning.

Nice! I’m playing there tomorrow. Course in good shape?

Greens are epic slow, but it is in good shape. They still have decent rough despite the dry summer.

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(Probably compressed as hell)

Love this place


Morning Bay State Golfers and Greetings from the North Shore! I’m new to the refuge and kicking myself for not joining sooner since it looks like I’ve missed out on some great meet ups. If anyone’s around the North Shore and wants to meet up at Cape Ann for a round sometime let me know. It’s a sleepy little 9 holer but has some of the best ocean views in the state. Here’s a shot from on of my recent rounds when the colors were starting to pop. Looking forward to getting involved!


Love Cape Ann. I currently reside in Peabody. Would love to get a round in.

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Long shot but I’m booked for 1:10 at South Shore CC in hingham tomorrow if anyone else is around. Should still be 3 open spots.

Hey Everyone!

I’m new to the refuge and just getting used to things on here. I’m currently located in Boston and wanted to introduce myself to you all. My name is Stephen and I’m originally from Portsmouth, NH but I’ve been living in Boston for a few years now. I work at Solo Golf in Hingham (if you haven’t checked out the store yet I highly recommend it). I joined the refuge to connect with like-minded golfers so I’m always down to play!


Welcome! The refuge offers so much, like a contractor to help you push that wall back so us lefties can swing driver! JK. Love everything you guys are doing. How is the location for you as a company?


Haha not an ideal setup for the lefties! Being in Hingham has been great so far. The people at Derby St have been super helpful and the south shore has a lot of great course and a nice little golf community. Honestly, the best part is that we’ve made connections with so many awesome people already!


Yo @filly it seems like @FastEddie64 has set up a dual for us next Sunday. May be one of my last rounds of the year. Looking forward to it.

I knew I recognized that green! I’m 10 minutes away from CAGC. We should get a Refuge group out soon before it’s completely too cold.

I heard a rumor it is open year round. Is that true?

It is open year round. I played it last year on Christmas Eve and there was ice on the greens. Talk about fast conditions.

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4 of us have a 9 am tee time Nov 1. Call and see if the times before or after are still available? I am sure we can find some more to join us.