Roll Call: Massachusetts

I don’t know the courses in that area, but I would be down for a weekend or weekday round. Work from is the best/worst thing ever.

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The Fresh Pond pro shop does pretty much any club repair work you could need. Call ahead to confirm though, and call at an off hour, either early early or after 4pm. The phone rings off the hook there during regular business hours.

Otherwise, you’ve got Club Champion in Bedford and Golf Galaxy in Burlington, as I’m sure you’re aware.

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Finally played Essex on Tuesday. Shot average for myself (I’m a 15 lol) but irons struggled. Smoked the absolute drive of my life down the hill on 18. Put it to 6 inches on 7, made the bird then hit another absolute bomb of a drive on 8 up the hill then down the hill. God what a joy to play that course, especially after working there all summer.

Playing Kernwood on Tuesday. Played it once just after I started playing golf. Any recommendations seeing as how I’m a better player now?

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I am hoping someone on here can help me out. I am looking for a recommendation of a teacher to take some golf lessons in the north shore area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Phil Cornetta at The Phil Cornetta Golf Academy

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Thanks. Got a lesson on the books in a few weeks.

Nice! Was supposed to see him today but had to postpone. Let’s catch 9 or 18 at some point!

Signup for Cape Arundel here; MA travel restrictions lifted so no COVID test required!

Anyone ever play Nahant GC? Looks like a goat track but those can be the most fun

I’ve played there a few times. It is kind of a swamp, literally, but it is fun cheap golf. You don’t need anything more than a long iron and the greens are littered with goose shit and tiny.

I will probably go back at some point his fall as it is really easy to get a tee time on golfnow.

Good to know. Might try and get down there this week.

Also, whats the word on Wollaston GC? Looks cool but I have literally never heard of it until today.

One of Tiger’s Junior Am titles was at Wollaston.

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No kidding? So the place is legit… That’s cool!

Hey everyone,

New member from central mass checking in, how’s fall golf treating everyone?


Certainly getting a taste of how popular fall golf is here. Having a hard time getting weekend tee times at the courses I was waiting to play till leaf peepin’ season.


I think the drought has created some interesting conditions for the fall. I think it has made it harder on some courses with lots of trees and easier on others because of the lack of rough.

Where do you play in Central MA?

Just hopping in late here - wolly is tiny and tree lined and littered with former NHL guys as members (Ryan Whitney and his crew most prominent). The greens are outrageously fast and sloped. Their member guest is nuts, they do a Calcutta that got up to like 50k last year. My friend has played in it the last few years which is how I know this, I haven’t played it before

Welcome! If you (or @TK2575 or anyone else) is looking for a last minute tee time, I’m running a little Boston Golf + Social event at Blissful meadows in uxbridge on saturday. We have 2 spots left, you’ll be in the field among such luminaries as @FringeLife, @GreenlodgeSocialClub, @moreholden, and others. $100 gets you golf, cart, swag, and prizes for winners. Dm me to hop in!


Welcome! It’s lovely out here in Central/Western Mass.


Damn. Sounds cool as hell