Roll Call: Massachusetts

Hi guys I have heard rumors that Sankaty on Nantucket is open for public tee times after Labor Day, does anyone know if this is true / how to make one? Feels a little strange just emailing the head pro…

They used to be open for public tee times, but that practice ended about 5 years ago. However, they’re very receptive if you’re a member somewhere else and your pro calls their pro


Personally, I can’t say enough good things about Olde Barnstable, especially as a muni. Love that course. Was in very good shape a few weeks ago.

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Almost everything is booked solid for the weekend! Ugh, getting desperate. Has anyone ever played or would recommend Presidents in Quincy?

Presidents is awesome. Love that course. Highly recommend!!

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Presidents is… QUIRKY. And weird. And crazy. And silly.

But it is also awesome, and I also highly recommend. Just don’t get upset during the 14-15-16 stretch, because 17 is sick and 18 is a fun little uphill short 3. Also, if you hit the fairway on 7, you are my new hero and I will follow you into battle at the drop of a hat.


You mean 6? 7 is a par 3.

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I always forget about 7. I do mean 6. Thank ya

How do you usually go about playing 15? That hole is preposterous and I have no idea what the play is

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Sliced 3 or 5 wood into the lake, drop, 4 iron at the green, hopefully 2 putt or up and down for par



Soliciting interest from New England types in a get-together at Cape Arundel on Oct. 3-4 or 10-11. If you are interested and can abide by the COVID rules, post over in the Maine thread [Roll Call: Maine -Cape Arundel in October signup in post 182]

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Anyone here have a favorite club repair/build shop, ideally within a half hour drive of Waltham/Lexington? I’ve got some clubhead/shaft swaps, lie/loft adjustments and grip replacements to do and would prefer to go to a local/independent shop. I’m aware of Joe and Leigh’s in Easton but that’s a bit of a hike for me.

There is the Golf Club Factory in Canton. A little less of a hike?

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Is this place any good?

From the limited work I have had done - repaired a couple shafts and regripped my set (before I learned to do it myself) I have had no complaints. My uncle did his entire fitting session there and was really pleased.

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I’ll be on Martha’s Vineyard for 3 weeks in October, getting myself out of the hellscape that is currently Los Angeles between COVID & wildfires. I’ll definitely be playing Farm Neck and Mink Meadows on island.

If anyone wants to make the trip over and play let me know. I’d be interested in playing somewhere off island on Cape but won’t have a car.


@JShaw I never used him but had emailed him to do some work and he was kinda a dick about it and I just ended up doing it myself

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Gonna be up in NH after 10/15 most likely. Either a week or two if anyone is looking to play.

Where in NH?

Southeast, closest town is Rochester