Roll Call: Massachusetts


South Shore remains my go-to for winter golf - I’ve played there the past 2 Saturdays. Temp greens on 3, 4, 5, 13, a weird par-3 by-hole 14th, and temp tee on 15, but otherwise everything’s the same. Regular greens are in great shape, and the fairways are solid as well, although these warm days tend to come the day after a big rain that makes everything pretty soggy. Still, better than nothing!


I think we’re going to end up at norwood because its halfway for both of us. if there was more light in the day I would try for 36


14 at SSCC was par 3 originally. Playing a throwback 71 this winter.


Long time, first time. I’m in Cambridge.

This year I’m hoping to play Fresh Pond as often as I can after work during the week. I love the Pond, but only during the week.

On weekends, I’ll play all over with The Tour of Greater Boston. If you’re looking for a way to get on some privates and/or play some more “competitive” golf, the Tour is a good option. Here is their 2018 schedule, which included Myopia and Estward Ho!


Made it out to Newton yesterday. Windy and wet but can complain about playing on January 1st.


6th Hole, one of my favorite Greens in the area. So good


Do you know how it was setup when it was a par 3? Was the green in front of the water? Or were the tee boxes moved up?


Current setup in red, old setup in blue.

Old green still visible walking from 15th tee


Wow, nice. That open area on 15 always seemed a little out of place to me. Makes a lot more sense now


Hitting a couple replies at once here.

Far Corner in Boxford, Butternut Farm in Stowe will stay open all winter.

Pappas Golf in North Chelmsford and Wamesit Lanes in Tewksbury have simulators for the Merrimack Valley locals.


Whole-heartedly agree with the Keney recommendation. Green complexes are awesome.


any of you guys ever play in the Boston City Tour with Nextgengolf? They play some solid tracks. Played in their event at Red Tail last year and Indian Pond. They had an event at Boston Golf Club a couple years ago too, but I could not get in before it filled up. Its team based, but I just signed up as a free agent and got paired up with a bunch of guys which was great. Good for meeting golfers in Boston.


Did you hit off the mats for tee boxes? lol


Absolutely not. I’ll go as far back as I have to avoid them ha.


Might end up posting this again on the Boston Golf and Social thread, but if anyone’s interested, we’re putting together a 2-man best ball and skins game at Hooper up in NH for Saturday 6/15. Awesome 9-holer, should be very fun. #getinvolved


This is great-I know it’s early, but any idea how many events you plan on putting on in 2019?


Should be 3-4 from what I’ve heard!


For the (good) competitive golfers in the area… the list of Mass Golf championship hosts and qualifying sites are up. Looks like the MA Amateur will be a popular one to try to qualify for huh?


Hey All- Currently live in Sharon but grew up in JP between both city courses. Played George Wright and Franklin Park my whole life even worked at them through the city when in HS. Love how far they have come from the mid 2000s to now.

Recently joined Sharon CC since its 5 min from my house but prior to joining this year hit Brookmeadow, Olde Scotland, George Wright, Ponky, and Wentworth Hills.

My winter golf last year was Pine oaks since no one was ever out and could play for $20 but all this rain has turned it into a mush. Ponky usually puts out mats on course 2 and in the winter it is in better shape than in the summer since there are no expectations.


Looking to play on Tuesday with temps in 40s. So I see a bunch open on GolfNow, none of which I’ve played. Thoughts on following?

Olde Scotland Golf Links
Rockland GC
Ridder Farm
Stone E Lea
CC of Halifax

Anywhere else that might be open this week? Just moved back to the area