Roll Call: Massachusetts


Buddies with the multi-time runner up in the club championship. Loses to the same guy every year who is twice is age and also a club champ at Baltusrol (and Old Sandwich…I think).

I have yet to play the Ho! but have walked it a dozen times…


Originally from Norwood, went to Northeastern, worked down in Fort Myers, worked at Northeastern again, then ended up in Myrtle Beach. For some reason we’re moving back to Massachusetts.

Grew up playing Norwood CC and Falmouth CC. Then later Newton Commonwealth, Devine, Robert T Lynch Memorial while at NU. Have played Sandy Burr, Sandwich Hollows, Quail Ridge, Atlantic CC most often since


With winter closing in, wanted to start a running list of courses that stay open year-round (pending snowfall). Courses I’ve played at all times of the year are below - add any you’ve got. There are bound to be a few mid-40s January days out there!

South Shore (Hingham)
Presidents (Quincy)
Newton Commonwealth (Newton)
Franklin Park (Boston - I believe they stay open but maybe only temp greens?)


Hyannis Golf Club


I played Franklin Park last weekend and they were still using the normal greens at that point, even though the ground was frozen. I did see a couple cups cut in the approach area, so I’m not sure if they change that deeper into the winter though

Not that it should be an issue, but Newton Comm is first come first serve for winter tee times

Furnace Brook (Quincy) - open weekends, need at least a threesome though
Sandy Burr (Wayland) - fairly certain they stay open
Bay Pointe (Wareham) - I played here the day after Christmas one year, so I believe they stay open
Blissful Meadows (Uxbridge)


Will need to find some playing partners once my wife and I move back in January. We’ll be in the Norwood area for a few months before buying west of Worcester


Franklin Park was surprisingly good for a muni. Was actually really surprised by the space and condition. Newton Comm was my go to while living in Brighton and working at NU. Grew up playing Sandy Burr (my Dad had his Raytheon leagues there) and my grandparents lived off first tee on Furnace Brook, still playing golf balls they’d dig out of the woods


Saw a tweet from the super at Franklin Park that they are putting the covers down on their greens this week. They will have temp greens if people want to play 9 out there (assuming the front nine).


Anyone here no of any good all year ranges or legit indoor facilities. I’m on the north shore and last winter would drive about 45 mins to Willowcreek Golf Academy in New Hampshire which is great heated covered range open year round and 2 training garages with Trackman set ups. Would love some where to go a bit closer. KOHR is nice but I don’t think they are year round.


I play in a league at Pure Drive Golf in Woburn. It has 5 bays all set up with Trackman. It is very legit.


I go to McGolf in Dedham, heated bays and open all year. I know there is also ForeKicks in Marlborough and Norfolk. Not a full range - hitting like 50 yards into a net but better than nothing.

Places I have heard of but not personally tried: Dr Greens in Ashland, Fore! Golf Entertainment in Westborough, Big Sticks in Burlington.


Will second the mention of Pure Drive Golf, I’m actually headed there this morning. The owner, Adam Kolloff, is a great guy and a really good teacher, I think he made Golf Digest’s top young teachers list again this year. There is Trackman in every bay with practice Pro V1/V1X balls provided, and you can use it to play simulator golf or just hit onto a virtual range. Give me that all day long over an outdoor range in the middle of the winter, even if the range is heated.

I used to go to Big Sticks in Burlington but the setup is much nicer at Pure Drive Golf. For those that are Metrowest or near Worcester, I’ll throw in a plug for Fore Golf Entertainment, it’s owned by the husband of one of my coworkers.


First post here, but long time reader/admirer. Have been living in Waltham/Watertown area for the past 6ish years. I used to work in Sudbury so played Wayland, Stow, Butternut, and Sandy quite a bit. My girlfriend’s family is from the North Shore so have been playing up there quite a bit this past year. Think Peabody Meadows is a sneaky, tough and fun round. Grew up in New Hampshire originally and Shattuck was my home course. It will kick your ass every time but still enjoy it.

Played pretty exclusively at Dr. Green’s last winter, nice setup and cold beer. Have used Big sticks prior, but seems a little older. Glad to see a strong Boston Community around here and hope to hop in come spring time!


The Shattuck is such a gauntlet


It will always have my heart no matter how much it beats me up. Last year it was probably in the best shape its been in a long time and tough to beat for the price.


Figured I should check in here since I read everything pretty regularly and have long been an NLU supporter. First time, long time, you guys.

Live in/around the city, from the North Shore. Belong to a pretty laid back club that @RobbieVogel can attest to. I’ve played most public courses within 495 and lucky enough to play a few nice clubs.

Always down for rounds of golf anywhere or beers with fellow golf fans during the big tournaments.

Favorite Public: Red Tail
Least Favorite Public: Sagamore
Favorite 9 hole: Cape Ann
If you want to make the drive: Taconic or Keney Park (in Hartford)
Favorite Played Overall: Essex County


Little early especially knowing NE weather, but new years days looks like it should be in the mid 50’s (knocks on wood ferociously). Got an email from Sandy Burr this morning saying they were still open and I am sure some south shore spots are still kicking as well. I am open to play if anyone is around


Flying back down to SC to play Caledonia and bring my car up to Mass but normally I’d play and join you day like that


Got an email from Sterling Golf that Rockland, Newton Commonwealth, Norwood and Unicorn are all expected to be open tomorrow. Sadly my wife has the illness my toddler has been holding onto for a month (damn you, daycare!) so the best I can hope for is some range time but wanted to pass this along in case any of you can get out.


Saw that too. Probably going to try and sneak out on Newton. Waiting to hear back from my buddy on the south shore who i might play with.