Roll Call: Massachusetts


Nice to hear about Harmon. I think I will definitely join at some point, the whole practice facility was great and haven’t seen a practice facility like that really anywhere in New England.


Played Trull for four years as it was my high school course. Nothing like starting, 7 iron, wedge. Played Indian Ridge, Andover, Haverhill, Mt. Pleasant, Hickory Hill all for high school matches. Got lucky.

Love going back to play after they switched some routing around.


Definitely good to hear about Fresh Pond. I didn’t realize they had put some money into the bunkers and conditioning. I work in Cambridge so I may have to get over there after work this year. I can’t wait for the weather to start improving around here

Haha 7 iron, wedge sounds like a classic tree lined dogleg. That’s a pretty good circuit for high school golf too


Chiming in from Wellesley (and Cape Cod.) Play wherever I can, but mostly at Nehoiden, which is Wellesley College’s 9 hole course. Took me 6 years to get through their waiting list, but might be the best deal around if you live in town. On the cape, play a lot at Old Barnstable as well as some of the privates in the Town of Barnstable.

I am a huge fan of George Wright, just love that place. Fresh Pond is also close to my heart based on lots of play in my grad school days


I grew up across the street from Nehoiden and played most of my HS golf there (Wellesley CC only gave us a few dates a year), so many memories from that course but I have not played in over 20 years. A friend just got off the waiting list last year and has promised to bring me out, but we did not find the time last season.

It could have been an enormous home course advantage, what with a completely blind approach to the 6th green, a severe green at 2, and quirky OB everywhere, but our coach was obsessive about making sure our opponents knew all of the aiming points and local rules (and we weren’t good enough to take advantage otherwise).

I had my first eagle on the 5th in a match, holing out a nine iron to an elevated pin and spending forever looking for the ball before checking the cup. I think I still ended up with 46 for the 9.

I also played with James Driscoll there in one match - everyone knew he was a big deal even at Brookline HS. My buddy was our no. 1 matched up with him and played him even for 8 holes, both 1 under par. Stepping up to par 5 9th, Driscoll stripes his drive down to the creek, our guy snaps two in a row onto Dover Rd., Driscoll smokes a 2 iron to 5 feet and rolls in the eagle, wins match by 6 strokes.


checking in from hingham…grew up working/playing at stow acres. i’ve yet to play south shore but played widows walk years back

@arydolphin and @eddiecoyle any thoughts on the new england golf series? have you guys played in any before/signing up for any this year? seems like a great opportunity to play myopia, kittansett, eastward ho! etc

hoping today’s weather is a sign of good things to come


I just went out and got my first swings of the year in. Rockland was open and perfect for my nine hole needs today. I heard Blissful Meadows is open and I may check that out the next time out.

So great to get a day like this in February.


I’ve played in the New England Series events in the past. Great way to get onto tracks that you probably wouldn’t be able to play unless you knew someone. However, like any amateur event where you have to turn in a card at the end of the day, pace of play can be bad. My experience at Myopia Hunt was BRUTAL, round took well over 5 hours and that’s not even counting a thunderstorm delay in the middle of the round. It didn’t help that the course played really tough that day (“fast and firm” = tough as hell), but still, that pace of play isn’t good at all.

Eastward Ho! is my white whale (besides places like the Country Club and Old Sandwich that are uber-private). Hoping to play in that event in the fall.

I got to hit balls at McGolf today in Dedham. They had signs all over the place that they are installing PowerTee there this year, it’s an system where the ball automatically gets placed on the tee. They are supposed to upgrade all of the mats out there. Hope they upgrade the range balls too, but I doubt that will happen.


This is all great info, I think I’m going to aim for Eastward Ho! this fall as well, Myopia would be awesome but might be tough schedule-wise…I’ll be ready for a long, slow day


A little late here, but checking in from West Boylston. Good to see some other MA folks


Don’t live in the area, but have family about 1.5 hr away from Boston. Love the area obviously and have played some golf in the Boston area. Mainly played tracks for my Top 100 quest, so in MA I’ve played Boston GC, Taconic, Eastward Ho! for that. Also played Bradford CC and Pembrok CC years ago, not even sure they are still around. Still get up for a week in the summer. Good to get info on the New England series. Been looking for a way on Myopia!


Checking in here from Attleboro, although I’m so close to the border I could probably check-in for Rhode Island too.


Checking in from north of the city. I’m a member at Andover Country Club and play most often there, but open to traveling/reciprocity.


Checking in from Braintree, originally from Plymouth. I mostly play any public course that doesn’t suck (Pinehills, South Shore CC, and Agawam Hunt are my go-to’s). I’ve been playing in the New England Series for two years and checked off Myopia, Eastward Ho, Kittansett, Shelter Harbor and more. Boston Golf is my white whale, has anyone sniffed getting on there?


The Fried Egg has been doing a ‘bang for your buck’ series and posted their Massachusetts version this week. Wasn’t too many surprises on here, but I thought it was a good list to share

Bang For Your Buck: Massachusetts


Cool list and definitely encourages me to check out a few more places, though many are quite a hike from where I typically play - I think only the Boston munis and South Shore are within 30 minutes of my home. One quibble - Gannon Municipal appears to be about 25 miles east of Walden Pond.


Haha yeah I was confused about that Walden Pond note as well. Apparently there is a different Walden Pond in Lynn that the author confused with the more famous Walden Pond in Concord.

I’m in the same boat with regards to the distance of most of these places. I almost wish I was closer to Western MA due to the amount of solid courses out there. Almost


Boston Golf is awesome. Have pegged it maybe 5-6 times there as a buddy from business school is a member. It is incredibly tough, and a slow place to play. Rounds are typically 5+ hours as it’s not an easy walk (long, rolling, not exactly green to tee convenient) and a handful of greens don’t hold approaches.

It I sound like I don’t like it, that isn’t the case. Its a beautiful and fun course, albeit challenging. Fun membership, more so than one would think given the difficulty of obtaining it.


Nice to see Marion get some love. Funky little 9 holes.


For anyone that wants to get on Eastward Ho