Roll Call: Massachusetts

The Tam near the common if you’re feeling divey


Anyone getting a round in/know an open course within 45 minutes or so of Boston? Might be unstaffed today, and debating hitting simulator vs actually getting out there

I’m guessing you could probably get out at Sandy Burr. They’re typically open any day there’s not snow on the ground.

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Just called, open tomorrow not today sadly

Olde Scotland Links in Bridgewater has been open all winter.


Mass Golf just put out a list of open courses in Massachusetts. Newton GC is probably your best bet for proximity.

unreal, thank you for the list share!

No prob, I’m feeling that same itch today.

Crosswinds in Plymouth, bit of a drive but playable

This is the way.

Re: sports bars in Boston - there used to be close to a dozen fine sports bars on Boylston St. in Back Bay, and nearly all of them were lost to the pandemic (RIP McGreevey’s, Lir, Pour House, Whiskey’s, etc.). Now it seems like the only places left are clustered around Fenway and the Garden, and I honestly don’t know if they get much traffic on non-game days - several of those spots have also closed (the aforementioned Fours, but Beerworks and Tony C’s/Remy’s were also real losses).


Just had one buddy go down to injury and another in trouble with the spouse.

So, 2 spots open tomorrow at 9:20 at West Bridgewater if anyone is interested. (They are not on the list but confirmed fully open.)

Not my favorite course but closer than Plymouth or Cape.

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I’m walking 18 at Green Harbor on Wednesday at 1 pm if anybody wants to join. The tee sheet is wide open so far.

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Enjoyable walk for sure.

Reminder we’ve got our first Roost event coming up in a couple weeks at Old Barnstable. Looks like 17 spots are still open. Will be giving any unclaimed spots back to the club in about a week. You do not need to be in the Nest or the Roost to come out and play, so at this point if you have a friend who would like to join us, feel free to add them to the list.

North Hill CC in Duxbury has been open all winter. Wasn’t on that list for some reason. Pretty legit (2 might be the hardest par 4 in America) 9 holer in decent shape for March.


Sorry, what are the details? I’m having a hard time finding the info.

We have a block of tee times at Old Barnstable starting at 9:09 and ending at 10:30. Cost will be $45 to walk, $68 if you want to ride plus a $5 charity donation.

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Do it @frozenfloridaman


Got a spot 3/19 at 10:10 west bridgewater. Let me know if anyone wants in.