Roll Call: Massachusetts

First time I’ve been on the course; I thought it was a nice layout, greens rolled true, good shots were rewarded. My friend had a few funny bounces, ironically one of the same ones that Matt P had on 17 and he ended up with a triple. We had the Monday PM/Tuesday AM schedule so we had to contend with the weather so it wasn’t a fair judge of conditions.


Question about the New England series for anyone that’s a member. Can you register for 1 day tournaments if you aren’t a member? Saw this option for one of the outings and am curious what the policy is.

Spoke to someone at NES. All good.

This is a last minute post, but I’m going home to see my family the next couple days and am wondering if there’s anyone in the Springfield area who’s up to play Tuesday morning? I know it’s unlikely but I figured I’d ask!

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Have a tee time at The Ranch at 1050 if that’s early enough?

Sheeeeeeeeit. That’s awesome. But I need to be at my parents’ in Wilbraham by 1 and that’s just too right I’m afraid. Thanks so much for the offer man. I’ve never played the Ranch but it definitely looks sick. Have a great day, looks like perfect weather!

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Ah damn! I’d play earlier but I’m driving from Albany and it’s a match play bracket round

No worries! Good luck! Have fun!

How’d it go? I’m headed there tomorrow for the first time. I’m excited to see it!

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It was a lot of fun and the conditions were solid! Teed off at 2:40 and with the pace of play we only got 16 holes in until the ranger flagged us to bring the carts in. Holes 12-14 were my favorite. Will definitely be trying to get back soon for a full 18.

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Hey Everyone, found NLU within the last few months and found the refuge soon after. Been playing for just about 2 years and I’m up in Cambridge so if anyone wants to get out and play this fall and beyond let me know!


@TheMassHacker can get you set up with the local Roost, the Boston Tee Party.

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