Roll Call: Massachusetts

Wouldnt call them diamonds, but Pinehills, Waverly, Butter Brook are some of my favorites. Can be expensive weekend mornings so I often go in the afternoon

Franklin Park and South Shore CC. Waverly in Plymouth as well.

I’d add Crosswinds to the other Plymouth choices and if you’re OK with a slightly longer drive, than Cape Cod Country Club in Falmouth is a great spot and may be NLE as soon as next year so play it this year

Butternut is still the best value within an hour of the city IMO.

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Anyone interested in joining me at Butter Brook on July 4 at 6:40am! 2 spots available.

Is there a WhatsApp for the roost?

DW Field in Brockton

Presidents in Quincy is a good twilight value, although can be an arduous walk. Mt. Hood in Melrose can be a fun time, and if you really feeling like ballin on a budget, the state run tracks Leo Martin in Weston and Ponkapoag down in Canton both have great designs but are wholly dependent on how the weather has been recently.
Braintree Muni is fun but can be punishing to those with the two way miss.

Hey all - I have two spots open 7:10am on Tuesday 7/5 at Falmouth CC. Let me know if anyone is interested in joining!

You mean Butter Brook?

You mean Butter Brook?

I agree that Butter Brook is the better of the two. I describe them this way: Butter Brook is the MLB course while Butternut Farm is the Triple-A course.

A very tight piece of property.


If it’s not too late, xcel that Falmouth tee time and play somewhere else, anywhere else. Place might be my least favorite course in the entire commonwealth

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Bump WhatsApp link?


Nah i think butter brook is a better course but Butternut is at a good price point still

I do agree that Butternut Farm is a tremendous value. I only play Butter Brook during the week, as it’s more than I’m interested in paying for a weekend round.

Another course I enjoy – but is not for everyone – is the Jungle course at Green Meadow in Hudson, N.H., just across the state line. It’s hanging on until the town government and residents determine if it’s going to become an Amazon warehouse. (It was supposed to have closed after the 2020 season.)

Timing/availability prevented us from finding a different place to play. on the bright side we finished in just under 3:45, howevah, I now totally understand why you suggested not playing there and agree it was my least favorite course I have played on the cape.

I played Butternut once and just didn’t find it appealing. Super tight tree lined fairways (the opposite of “angles”), uninspiring greens, and so-so conditions.

Butter Brook had a few quirks, but much more approachable course with some interesting holes. Conditions were good for public golf, much better than Butternut.

YMMV but my take on the two.

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I can say 2 nice things about Falmouth. 1) weekday pace of play is reasonable and 2) greens are usually in good shape. But those things aren’t enough to make up for the rest!

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