Roll Call: Massachusetts

Has anyone played Devine recently? Interested in the course conditions ahead of a possible round there,

Playing there tomorrow morning I can report back after


So it was my first time playing there (Franklin Park) and I had no expectations or knowledge of the course other than stories I’ve heard from years ago (parking lot shenanigans, people just wandering across the course with groceries, etc.). It was in really, really good shape. Guy in the pro shop charged me the resident rate of $41 even though I told him I wasn’t… off to a good start. Greens weren’t cut today but they were rolled. They were slower than what I’m used to at the course I’m a member at, but they were extremely smooth and no bumps, dead areas, sand/rocks, etc. It was honestly one of my favorite courses I’ve played in the last few years. If anyone hasn’t played there yet, do it. Fun layout, nice greens, some cool blind shots, and a great price.


Thanks for following up. Glad to hear it is worth the trip!

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Anyone gonna check out the Mass Am this week? Word is they’re looking for spectators.

Another plug for Franklin Park. Admittedly it is my home course, so I should be trashing it to keep the already busy tee sheet in check. The green’s are slower than in years past, but still rolling well. It’s wide open off the tee, but defends itself with good green complexes and can be especially challenging when the wind blows. It’s playing firm and fast right now, with wispy fescue grown up enough to punish wayward shots, but you should not lose a ton of balls. We are spoiled for muni’s in Boston, the monstrous challenge is availability.


Jumping in on the Boston muni appreciation - Unstaffed this week so have been able to get out for some weekday rounds, with George Wright on Monday and Franklin Park Tuesday. Anytime you can get George Wright in perfect weather its gonna be a treat, but it was Franklin Park that really impressed. Place is pretty dried out so ball is bouncing and rolling which is fun to play and helps the place look great. Greens are definitely slower than GW, but they are running true. Was windy as hell both days which only added to fun / challenge. Cannot recommend both enough rn.

Franklin Park ^

George Wright (Turkeys were pushing pace of play all day)

Then yesterday (wednesday), went and played Butter Brook for the first time on the recommendation of the thread - great call on the structure of the holes and some of the looks you get being fun and interesting, good fairway and rough conditions, plus its definitely not as tight as the Nut so you’re not losing much gear…
But those greens…WOOF
Has to be a combination of the players and the course not giving a shit, because its an absolute moonscape out there. With that in mind, I concur with @jdg0928 , I’ll pay $60 (walking) weekday to see the place, but having seen it, 3 figures for the weekend is not the move. For that price on a weekend, feel like Pinehills and others provide better value.
Additionally, getting paired and walking with a former Marine whose biggest enemy is most definitely paper cuts (I almost asked for the supplement routine), was breaking in a brand new $5k set of PXGs (if there was a target audience for PXG…man), and started yelling at the college kids in front of us(authors note: for context, they were slower than an ungroomed sand green, even for a foursome, and more intoxicated than Lincoln brunch-goers at 2PM on Sunday, also they got their carts stuck in sand trap on 7 to get booted - honestly might be looking at a #shrinkthegame situation) that he would kill them when they did not let us play through certainly added to the Butter Brook experience

Finally, one more thing, looks like I will be unstaffed tomorrow as well but probably staffed Monday, so I’m thinking 36 to make the most of this final day. I should have car access for the AM through 2PM. Where would you guis play this double feature? Probably looking to get a bit out of the immediate Boston area for Round 1 before returning to the local spots for the second one (if anything is still available of course)

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Surprised to hear that about the greens at Butter Brook. The couple of times I’ve played there this year they rolled fine if a bit slowly. Butter Brook’s usually a little easier to find a time than Pinehills on the weekends. Agree Pinehills greens are in better shape (read faster) typically

Not a Massachusetts course, but I’m going to LA for a week tomorrow and am playing Pelican Hill North Course on Sunday. I’m excited to have the forecaddy give me targets I have absolutely no chance of hitting and have my 17-year-old son beat me by 15 shots.

Most people will say to go to Plymouth but I’ll say to do Wachusett and Highfields out in Central MA. 2 of my favorite public courses about 20 mins apart in the Worcester area.

Edit: just saw you wanted just one course. I’d pick Wachusett then, great layout and always in excellent condition.


Booked 7:39AM - if anyone is going out between 7-8, would love to say hello

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How’d you like it?

Morning everyone! New member checking in from the Cape. Played a beautiful 9 at Highland Links in Truro this morning. If you haven’t been out there definitely check it out!


How were the conditions, tee time availability and price? I made the drive out in February on a warm day. It was empty of people, $10 in the box and just awesome. Just not sure if the traffic and crowds would be worth the summer trip out there.


I’ll be on the Cape from Aug 7th until sometime in September, let’s get a round in!

Greens were in great shape, weather was gorgeous. I can’t post pictures yet… but honestly it felt like playing in Scotland :joy: - there’s a drought going on on the Cape and they’re down a well, so the fairways looked burnt out like they did on TV this week. But tons of roll, great views, fast pace. One of my favorites.

@Double_Bogey_Dave I’m in Europe for work until the 12th of August but after that let’s do it. I’m a member at Captains in Brewster which is phenomenal, or we can head up to Highland Links!


I’ll be in Brewster, so let’s definitely get out for a round

I know a lot of love here for Marion, just saw that it’s scheduled for a Gil Hanse restoration in 2025.


I don’t… love… this.

The scruffiness if part of the charm. Fix the drainage on 4, maybe cut down a few more trees between 3 and 4, trim the thickness of cutting the corner on 2, leave the rest alone.

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I remember speaking with one of the owners last year who said he bought it basically as a passion project and doesn’t expect to make money really so I’m hopeful it can keep the same essence. I am worried it will no longer be a place for a fun casual 9 to take someone who never played golf before or a golf sicko where both parties can have the same amount of fun.