Roll Call: Massachusetts

We’re all set for Saturday. Have you in the first group at 9:05. Email will go out later this afternoon.


Just saw in the Globe this morning that the the MIAA Girls HS Championship was at Eastward Ho! this year, which is freaking awesome, albeit somewhat of a haul for many players. Congrats to all.

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Myself and 3 buddies have a golf/food/music trip planned for early July. Just a quick 2 nighter, July 1-3. Flying into Logan and was hoping you experts could provide a little feedback on the current itinerary. We’ve all been to Boston multiple times so Fenway and all the other must-do tourist stuff has already been checked off the list:

Fri - 10 am arrival at Logan, George Wright, Poopsies in Pembroke, hotel in Plymouth
Sat - Treehouse in Sandwich, Marion GC, Flying J’s Pizza, Dead and Co. at Gillette
Sun - Charlies Sandwich Shoppe, Regina Pizzeria in the North End, 8 PM flight out of Boston

From a driving standpoint, does this seem feasible? I know with it being 4th of July weekend, things are going to be packed and the traffic will be tough. This is a group of guys that have done more than one cross country road trip together so we dont mind a long drive, it’s just a matter of being able to fit it all in.

And as you can see its a bit of a Greater Boston/South Shore Bar Pizza Tour. Any recommendations would be welcome! Would also like to slot Island Creek Oyster’s in there somewhere, just not sure where.

Also, we have Marion lined up now, but we could do Southers Marsh instead. Is one appreciably better or more enjoyable than the other?


The bar pizza crawl is a new one for me, but I appreciate the dedication to eating local. Plenty of places in the world to eat lobster rolls, but only the South Shore can fix you right there. So I approve of your creative itinerary, and hope you get a great show from Dead and Co. With that said, a few thoughts:

Never played Marion or Southers Marsh, but I am concerned you are going pretty far out of your way to play golf that day, and Plymouth has many good options (Waverly, Pinehills, Crosswind). You could also cut off quite a bit of travel time if you did your craft beer/bar pizza run at Trillium Canton and Town Spa in Stoughton. You could even consider doing your Friday night bar pizza closer to the city, somewhere like Lynwood Cafe, stay up around Braintree, play South Shore CC on Saturday, hit Vitamin Sea for beer. Cape Cod traffic on Saturday July 2 is nothing to be trifled with - I would count on at least an hour from Plymouth to Sandwich, and more than an hour from Sandwich to Marion.

You could also hit Trillium Fort Point and Row 34 (started by Island Creek, but now independently owned) for seafood/oysters. Finally, I prefer Santarpio’s to Regina for old school classic pies in Boston, but won’t argue too hard on that one.


Whoa J’s Flying pizza!? I live on the end of that street. Owner can be a little cranky sometimes don’t take it personally. But fantastic bar pizza. Also it’s run out of a garage so no place to sit down and eat if you didn’t know already. Enjoy!

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Yeah I echo @mcriblet here, I think the big hiccup will be CC traffic going back and forth to Treehouse on Saturday. Having said that, the setup they have there is great. HOWEVA, at least as of 2 weeks ago, you had to buy an allotted time slot on the morning you are going in order to reserve seats/reservations.

Trillium Canton is great and also has surprisingly good pizza on site. Place is huge, no issues with parking/reservations/etc when I have been there.

Charlies Sandwich Shoppe is FINE but not a destination place IMO. If you are in the South End I would much prefer hitting up either Sally’s Sandwiches (lunch or breakfast) or Mike and Patty’s (for breakfast sandwiches)…pizza wise Picco is right there as well and phenomenal. And then if you are looking for a sitdown lunch spot there is a handful of good ones within a block or two- Kava, B&G Oysters, The Butcher Shop.


Wherever you end up for bar pizza, if they have linguica (ling-wee-sa, Portuguese sausage) as a topping, make sure to get it on at least one pie.


Linguica is absolutely the right call.

I also echo @mcriblet on the itinerary. You are looking at a LONG day getting down to Plymouth on Friday.

Figure you are off at George Wright around noon best case? That’s you finishing at 6pm, and GW to Poopsie’s at 6pm on July 4 Friday is going to be a traffic nightmare. Much easier backroads drive to Lynwood (and the juice glass of Miller Lite).

If you stay in Braintree or Quincy, it’s also a much easier ride to Marion than it would be from Plymouth, and much easier to Gillette as well (depending on where you are staying Saturday night). So it really depends on how committed you are to Treehouse. Personally I will take Treehouse over Trillium any day of the week…unless it involves Cape traffic.

Also, I have no strong feelings on Charlie’s, but you are doing yourself a disservice if you go to the North End and don’t get an Italian from Monica’s.


Yea going over the bridge to treehouse and back on same day is just looking for your plans to be ruined.

From a bar pizza view, you could just travel 138. Crisp just opened bit pricy but good. Town Spa and then another couple miles you get to Union Villa.

If in Braintree/Quincy area Brewhouse and lynnwood would be my 2 stops for bar pizza

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I agree with @Cyunits the best use of time would be going to Lynwood cafe friday for the best bar pizza I’ve ever had. But if you are committed to going to to Southers or Marion and Treehouse I recommend Marion (Only nine holes and a personal favorite) to save a bit of time and stopping at Marc Anthony’s in Onset for a quick slice if you are going to Sandwich as it’s on the way or just want to stay in the Marion Area.
Also Linguica or Chourico is a must on one of the Pizzas anywhere you go.

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Treehouse requires reservation for that location due to parking limitations so be prepared there.

If going down the cape is a must, be to the bridge early. even if you need to go play mini golf to kill time, its better than being stuck 3 miles back in 2 lane traffic. Coming back over early shouldnt be much of an issue but Mattapoisett will also have summer home traffic too.

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This is great, appreciate all the replies and recommendations. My buddy lives in Bristol, RI and drives all over the northeast for work. Pretty much the same sentiment from him regarding weekend Cape trips and the traffic involved, but Treehouse is borderline non-negotiable, so we’ll see what happens there.

And a great follow on instagram is @ssbarpizza if you want boots-on-the-ground, hard hitting SSBP reviews. A true sicko!


Much cleaner follow than the facebook group too.

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Are you going to Treehouse specifically to have a beer at the Sandwich location? Or to load up on cans? If the latter, you honestly might be better off shooting out to Charlton on Saturday after golf, then going straight from Charlton to Gillette.

2 spots for our event at Maplegate tomorrow. Very intimate gathering and amazing odds if you have ever wanted to qualify for our Roost Regional Qualifier. DM to claim your spot.

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Do I need to check in with the pro shop when I get to the course or just with you?

Just with me.

Sounds good. Looking forward to playing with you tomorrow!

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Ooo they are a good follow. Making me hungry.

  • sometimes I get hamburg & banana pepper for toppings.

I have one extra ticket for Monday’s practice round in the Garden section if anyone is looking for one. First reply can grab it. Probably have to transfer it through the app or meet me in the morning to go in.