Roll Call: Massachusetts

Ya The Abbey plays. Super underrated. I was loyal to The Publick House for awhile but stumbled (quite literally) into The Abbey one night and it became one of my favorite restaurants.


I’m sure we have crossed paths then. I lived right above Burro Bar for 3 years. Spent way too much money at the abbey. I too was loyal to PH and become a convert. Moved to Norwood and I still drive back to the abbey every couple months

I would not drive from Brookline to play Highland Links (and I love the place) during the week of July 4th. You’re probably looking at a 2.5+ hour drive and then a 2.5+ hour 9 hole round! The drive, other than really the last little bit, isn’t that scenic at all. Now, if you’re staying over night on Cape, slightly different story. If you’re jonesing to play a unique 9 hole course “on the cape”, then play Little Marion instead (although not on Cape). It doesn’t have the views of HIghland Links, but it is also awesome and the drive is much more manageable.

However, the ferry to P-Town is a great way to spend a day - I’d just leave the clubs at home and explore Provincetown. My wife loves that place (and she also loves Highland Links)…

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Quick additional thoughts on Wellesley - it’s challenge is that it was essentially created in 3 different chunks. They had the original 9 holes, then they got more land and added another 9 holes, in space that should probably only have fit 15 holes and then they acquired more land and finally had enough space for a proper 18 holes. The club claims a Donald Ross design, but the reality is it as much a Geoffrey Cornish / Mark Mungeam course as it is Donald Ross. I think Wayne Stiles actually did the original 9 holes before Ross did some work.

As was mentioned earlier, they layout is a bit funky. There is that gap between 9 and 10, but the thing I don’t like about the layout more is 17 and 18 are both par 5’s. The course has really good holes, just would rather put them in different order.

That part of Boston actually has a bunch of fun golf courses really close to each other. Putting aside TCC, people who live in Wellesley are members of Weston, Pine Brook, Brae Burn, Charles River, Woodland and Dedham (I am sure some other places) - in addition to Wellesley. In that “competitive market”, my understanding is that Wellesley has pretty much ALWAYS had a multi-year waitlist since the 2008 market recovery so they’re doing something right

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Now theres a logo thay would look great on a white and light grey striped Rhoback


I wanna see if we can do a gold/yellow as an option. That is what I got last year for the Skirmish and it looked really good.

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The Cranberry Red from Truro is straight fire

Played the Brookside Club on the Cape this weekend for the first time. Really liked it. Tons of elevation changes and lots of sidehill fairway lies, but I dug it. And for $85 on a weekend, much cheaper than Waverly or Prinehills.

I’ve played Brookside twice and it’s been super windy both times. I felt it was pretty good overall, lots of bang for your buck, but I took issue with a few of the holes. There were a few front pins on greens with false fronts that led to some de-greenings. Like a lipped out 8 footer became a 15 yard chip back up the hill. And the hill on the side on I think the 5th hole completely negated my buddy’s good drive. He crushed it right edge of the fairway and it caught the slope and ended up almost in the woods on the left where he had to pitch out under the trees at a 45 degree angle to get to where I was after a shank and a good second shot over the hill.

Agree on this analysis. There isn’t a ton of good public golf in this area. Brookside pretty consistently has great conditioning and pace of play. A lot of fun holes, but then some whacked out holes thrown in.

Four (I believe) has that real strange layup and then completely blind second. Five the side hill off the tee makes it almost unplayable. That one severe dogleg across the road followed by an almost horse-shoe hole. It’s just a little quirky, though I’m willing to play it for pace and conditioning, as those can be killers at courses like Falmouth (5.5 hours on a shitty, flat, boring course no thank you)