Roll Call: Maine

Fox Ridge made some playability adjustments a few years ago that improved the course substantially IMO. It’s still not an easy, wide open track but it is significantly better and the fun factor has gone up.

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They have lost a bunch of members the last few years which doesnt help. They have promised lots of improvements, and some have been acted on…its going sort of slow. It really needs a decent investment… at the same time. It’s still prob the best option north of waterville.
Bangor area is great…I’m in hampden …I’d recommend being in a neighboring town rather then right in Bangor . It is a fantastic, centralized area in the state…and restaurants and nightlife is growing nicely…there is a great outdoor river front concert venue, that pulls in big concerts during the summer( before covid) . Being near Bangor puts you within an hour of bar harbor, 2 hours to Portland, on the doorstep to more northern maine. It’s pretty sweet location. More snow, harsher winters then Portland for sure though. Pretty much no golf November- april

New to the community but pretty familiar with the southern/central Maine landscape. Leaning toward the Nonesuch membership this year, I like the course/location/price. Anyone feel differently? Will be in the Biddeford/Portland area, would be open to paying a bit more for a more walkable course.

Does Nonesuch membership get you on their other courses?

@ohnolan you get sanford cc, fox ridge, and bridgton highlands for a cart fee. i’m sure you know this but they aren’t in cahoots with dunegrass anymore

Thats pretty good. I play Bridgton a lot and they have dumped a lot of money into the course but the greens fees are starting to show it.

I’ve never played Nonesuch so can’t really opine on that. Is Biddeford-Saco an option?

It’s a bummer about dunegress as I like that course and it is walkable. But Bridgton and fox ridge are good add on options.

We have a wait list at Biddeford-Saco right now so it would be two or three years until @ohnolan would be able to play. I think we have the best membership deal in the world so it’s worth the wait, but in the meantime Nonesuch is probably the best option when you consider the benefits you get at the other Hourihan owned courses. Dunegrass does have a decent deal if you’re under 30 years old. Riverside isn’t a bad choice either. You’ll be fighting the crowds at any of these places, but they all have plenty of people that you’d get to know and could play with.

I’m moving to Kennebunk next month. I played for UNE in Biddeford, and we only really practiced at Cape Arundel, with a few rounds every now and then at Dunegrass and Nonesuch (we mainly used both practice facilities). I’m looking forward to checking out more courses in the area this summer.