Roll Call: L.A. County (Rustic Canyon and the Coachella Valley are not in L.A. County)

Played Goat Hill Park yesterday! Truly a course I want to play again and again! The course is so much fun! Next time I won’t pull the driver on 18, see photo. The round ended in an expensive way!


This is true

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Hello all, I’m in West LA right by LAX. I usually play in LB but down to play wherever. Interested in linking up with fellow golf junkies.


Long time reader first time poster - I’ve got a 740 at Rustic on Monday, anyone interested in joining?

(Know that the group says Rustic doesn’t count but i swear I live in LA! I’ve just been unsuccessful at getting a Rancho tee time for the last 4 months straight)


I’ve been looking for Sunday/Monday times! Count me in if the spot is still free.

You’re in sir! 2 more spots left

Will DM my info

I just got a time Monday morning near Burbank but I could cancel if there’s still a spot. Definitely interested, I haven’t played there yet.

nice, you’re in! 1 more spot

I booked a Rustic Canyon round March 21 for my upcoming trip to the area (I know, I know, not LA County!) if anyone happens to be keen for a round with a visiting refugee.


I am game to join you. What time?

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11:10am! The tee sheet is pretty wide open, so if you can join at that time, that would be great. I am also quite flexible to move the time around too.

Count me in!

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Request for advice

Driving from Rams Hill in Borrego Springs to central LA (westwood) to attend a work conference.

Got time to golf along the way. Given the southern California traffic torture test, what would people recommend along the likely route?

Goose Creek. It is about a 20-minute add on to the route but you will have alot of fun at that one. If you can’t deviate from the route then your alternate course would be the Eisenhower course at City of Industry (do not play the Babe!).

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Thank you sir. Oak Quarry is in that area too I understand.

Goose is way better than Oak Quarry and closer to your desired route. Get there early because Goose Creek has the best practice area and (all grass) range in Southern California.


Depends on the time of day… If waiting out afternoon traffic, play Goat Hill in Oceanside, grab some dinner, then come up in the evening.

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These are great suggestions.

Headed to LA for a conference of lawyers. Closest courses are LACC, Hillcrest and Rancho Park. Guess I am playing Rancho.

Or go play Rustic Canyon.


Good luck getting on rancho. As a single maybe day of. But getting an advanced tee time is nearly impossible even for us locals with players cards.

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I remember playing it in 1974 when I was 11.
Probably hasnt changed much.