Roll Call: Kentucky

I’m here in Bowling Green, got one more year left at WKU. If anyone is ever in the area and wants to play a little golf, I am always down.

Since you are in Bowling Green, you should check out Tyler Parsons’s website.

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Have a few friends that went to WKU. Some still live there, think they play Crosswinds quite a bit.

Playing Nevel Meade on Saturday morning. Joining a random threeaome. Any advice on the course?

I didn’t look when I played there, but see if they have a yardage book. Also ask for the best place to aim on the blind shots if the threesome are locals.

Yeah took a look at some of their fly overs online as I’ve heard there’s lots of blind shots. It’s roulette to be the stranger fourth on a threesome.

I was there for work, and went and played based on this thread’s recommendation. Went out alone until the first par 3 (5 I think), then caught up with another single who played there everyday. Played so much better with him telling me the lines, and strategy. Made a fool of myself on the par 5 second. I think I had three straight blind shots.

Keene Trace member here. Keene Run is in good shape right now but Champions has been rough post-Barbasol Championship. Hopefully they get it better for fall golf

Assuming one of those guys has played there before, just get a line from them on a majority of holes. Can be a bit tricky the first time you see it. On 16 just hit a 6 iron off the tee. That’s the one truly bad hole at Nevel.

Hey Quincy, would love to play at Keene Run sometime. How is the membership? I live in Lexington and I play most of golf in Richmond KY at Boone’s Trace and Gibson Bay.

It is pretty solid. Get 2 courses, no cart fees or food minimums, and its not super expensive.

Big fan of Boone Trace, haven’t been there in forever.

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Played Boones Trace the Sunday before they hosted the Monday qualifier for the Barbasol. Got to play with some pros which was fun and simultaneously showed that I play a vastly inferior game to the mini tour grinders.

Nevel Meade was a fun course. Wind was a major factor all day making some 375 par 4’s play really long. Course was packed and slow - part of that was my group’s fault. Played with three guys that could not hit their tee shot past 50 yards and each time they would re-tee. Not a lot of sticks out there on a Saturday morning.

Also, can’t understand why 18 is a par-5. I get ending on a hole where you can go low but there really wasn’t any risk reward built into the design. I was 155 out off the tee and had an easy eagle putt. Didn’t feel right. 16 was also a bit of a joke - other than that really fun holes.

Thanks for all the feedback. If anyone is in the Lexington area and would like to play sometime, let me know!

Louisvillian here. Favorite public tracks are Nevel Meade and Heritage Hill (although I wish Heritage was walkable). Best deal in golf is Midland Trail IMO. I end up playing most of my golf in 3-4 hole intervals at Crescent Hill due to work/family. Really hoping the city doesn’t follow through with shutting down some of the munis. It was cool to see the Fried Egg feature on Crescent.

Louisville right here!

Live in Bowling Green, member at BGCC. Also, travel to Paducah and Louisville for work regularly.

Hey everyone, heading up next week for work and looking for a course to play Thursday afternoon (weather dependent of course) somewhere in or between Louisville and Lexington. I won’t be bringing my clubs with me so a course that has decent rental clubs would be a plus.

Nevel Meade or Kearney Hill

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Appreciate it.


Hello from Louisville.

Muni regular between Louisville and Lexington.

Threatening to join Audubon CC due to proximity, depending on quality of junior membership deals this winter. Any feedback on the membership?