Roll Call: KC Area

I was surprised at the shape the greens were in. They were small but nice. Fairways and teeboxes were a little more questionable…

The 9th is dumb but enjoyable, the 8th tee is upsetting with a 90 degree turn 120 yards into the hole

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Oh god, I completely forgot about the 8th hole.

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Was able to play Landmand yesterday afternoon. The place is massive with some of craziest and best greens you’ll ever see. Not once, did the course ask you to hit the same shot. To me, that’s a great course.

We were lucky and played in fairly light winds as I can’t imagine what that place would be like in 25+ mph winds.

Fairways are huge . If you love being creative and not having to hit the same shot twice, it’s a must play. Now that I’ve played it once, can’t wait to go back next year knowing more about the course and where to hit it.

As others said get a yardage book. It came in handy. Given the course’s size, depth perception is tough and the bunkers, etc loo closer then they are.


Looks incredible, can’t wait to get up there

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tips to get out there. seems all times are booked. asking for a Canadian friend, who may or may not be in town soon! :wink:

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if you dont personally know Tad, Rob or a member, its a tough tee time to secure.

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I do know a member, but he told me that he really didn’t have any booking privileges… bummer. i keep checking website for cancellations, but… not happening… thanks

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Yeah, from what I’ve heard, all public times are full for the year, shutting it down for public end of Sept. too

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Probably out of luck for this fall, but keep an eye on their website for when they’re releasing public times for next year. It wasn’t too tough to find some availability if you logged on within a few days of them going live last month.


Does anyone know of any guis out in Great Bend, KS area?

Have a buddy who just moved out there and he does not know one single person. Lives near Stoneridge CC but sounds like that is private. He’s an early 30s guy, 10-12 hdcp and a good hang.

Just wanted to see what I could do to help him out. Thanks all!

Ellsworth GC is a nine joker on my list NE of him.
Buffalo Dunes is one of the great public courses in America SW of him in Garden City that hosts a Epson tour event every year.

But he’s prolly closest to the Wichita area courses including Sand Creek Station and Prairie Dunes.

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Thanks @scagnetti!

He actually just moved out there from the Wichita area. The courses you mentioned are great! (I am also from Wichita)

His current problem is that he is so new to the area, and the local, every week type of courses that he would want to play in Great Bend both seem to be private. I am wanting to see if anyone is, or knows of some kind local folks that are willing to extend a hand to a newcomer.

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Stoneridge was awesome 15 years ago, not as great last time I played it. I have family in Larned (25 minutes from Great Bend) and play the Larned golf course all the time. 9-hole course that pumps tons of water onto the greens all summer to keep them in great shape. If he is looking for a spot to play once a week I would tell him to check it out. Also super cheap memberships lol


Terrific description of Royal Meadows.

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So, we ended up playing Blue Springs Country a club today and despite an erratic driver, I shot decent enough. The front 9 greens were recently punched and ultra sandy, but still surprisingly quick. Nothing really stood out to me about the course, but it was a fun enough time and really conveniently located (5 minutes from our hotel and also my cousins house).

Anyone interested in a twilight round at HOA on Thursday 9/29? Prolly around 5 or so.

The TillyRoss KC Masterpieces Call To Action has been posted in the GPGC main thread here. Request access from myself or @VinnyG if you’d like to join the Great Plains Golf Club Roost, and play Swope Memorial and Hillcrest in one day, Net Stableford scoring winner decides charity recipient, and shares the lion’s meal of a Medal Stand cash award!