Roll Call: KC Area

I did not see this firsthand however I was out there on Monday caddying and can confirm it was playing very difficult. The ground was still very wet so no roll + mudballs in every fairway, plus the aforementioned heavy winds. Greens weren’t super fast luckily, but even so the conditions were tough. We played a 3 ball in 4:45 and had no one within a hole of us in either direction the whole round. As @ericrbens said elsewhere, there aren’t a ton of places to lose a ball around Oakwood so watching 112 shots would have been painful. It’s a cute/funny story that has been picked up all over but IMO it’s super disrespectful to his playing partners. Hope this does not become a ‘trend’.

I actually thought the rough was fine, fairly thick but also pretty inconsistent so could get some thinner lies in it for sure.

One of our guys shot -3 on the back which was very impressive. The other guy was -1 thru 10 with only 1 par, finished with 3 pars on the day & barely broke 80. A true psycho scorecard.

He registered as a pro and nuked his am status into the sun. Hope he wasn’t planning on playing in any member-guests or club matchplays anytime soon.


Should’ve read the whole article. Wouldn’t be surprised if (and really hope) the USGA rolls something out the next year to prevent something like this from happening again. Once is funny. After the second time it’s unoriginal and starts to be a big burden.


id agree on everyone else’s thoughts here. It looks silly from the outside, but kinda disrespectful to the process and other players.

Do it in a lower level am event or something else, not the time or the place IMO

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Just joined the group, so forgive me if this topic has already been addressed in the past- is attending the KFT event a pretty good use of a Saturday morning? I haven’t yet had the chance to see a Pro tournament in person, so a $10 GA ticket sounds pretty good on face value


Not a KC guy, but I will 100% vouch for going to any pro golf event in your area, especially KFT. Smaller crowds by a good amount compared to PGA tour, and the chance to watch potential stars in the making up close and personal.


I highly recommend going. Seeing even the KFT guys play up close is both humbling and amazing as they play a different type of golf than the rest of us. Pick out one of the top 25 ranked guys and follow their group around. I got to see Cameron Young play a whole round last year at Blue Hills and check him out now doing big things on the PGA Tour. Enjoy!


Anybody here have thoughts on Eagle’s Landing in Belton? Playing there tomorrow for the first time with a buddy and don’t know really anything about it.

Disregard. I was thinking of Adams Pointe! Never played Eagles Landing.

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There’s a few throw away holes (1&8 right next to the parking lot) but it can be a fun place to play. A few forced carries that can be stupid (3,9,12,18) but the greens are generally good.

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Anyone want to play Swope Saturday afternoon? I’m pretty new around here, would be good to meet some of y’all.


I’m down. Was looking for someplace to play anyways.

Side Note: There’s a Joe DeFrancisco that works at Garmin. That wouldn’t happen to be you would it?

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If we can start at Swope by 11am I’m down.

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@VinnyG haha that would happen to be me.

@scagnetti earliest available rn is 11:42. If we wait till after 12, KC30 pass works which is preferred from my side. Earliest for that is 12:45. lmk


i have an 11:33 Tee today @ Swope if anyone is interested. May have to dodge a couple of drops, but should be nice.

What a small world lol.

There are a couple pay online options available before 11: 1039am and 1048am which would be $49 instead of $55. I’m down for whatever time Saturday though.

10:39 works for me


Swope is bucking its head if you get off the beaten path. Rough is SERIOUS. Like challenging to find your ball serious. started on back today for the first time in a while, enjoyed the change of pace (given im typically better on the front) got paired with another single, we made it around in 2:45. Greens rolling true but not terribly slick IMO. Great day to be out.


Thanks for all considerations. But I’m out on Swope — and maybe golf forever.

My patented seven-way-miss is in my head at the moment and I struggled to have fun today. I’ll let @Spanky_kc fill you in.

I’m gonna devote some time to the range before I do any time on the course. I appreciate @VinnyG & @jdefran for adjusting their allotted times for me. Very much grateful.

I simply don’t belong on a golf course right now. Deuces.


As I mention in the DM, I think we’ve all been there plenty of times. This sits there with the “I’m never drinking again” feeling after a rough night out. Golf’s hard. Sometimes a break is just what the doctor ordered.


Right there woth you, my man. Straight up walked off the course a couple weeks ago because i was so frustrated. Hang in there.