Roll Call: Iowa

The beer girl being under 60 and moving is an improvement over years past. First year or two it was an older lady who would sit between 2,3 and 9 and not move.

Sorry if it was your mom/grandma, I’m sure she’s very nice

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She was young and blonde. Without going into to much detail because she is someones daughter and I dont go to play golf to hit on the cart girl.

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The Drake students saturday am at Waveland are sad to hear this :rofl:.

Im pretty sure they make over 1k a day for city tourney posting up on hole 3 and flirting.

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Cart girl takes? Mean owner takes? Lost ball takes? Not being down with the brown??? I mean c’mon guys.
Bottom line-if turf conditions are more important than shot value don’t go to Fyre lake. If customer service is more valuable than turf don’t go. If hot cart girls are more important, well you get the idea. I played out there once last year and it was brown and fast and firm and it was amazing. But I’ve had fun out there when the didn’t punch holes for years and the course was a pillow. It’s a fun hero shot course and that’s it. But there is a reason Iowa golfers should make the trip I’ve never see a Iowa course with the amount of cool shots as Fyre. Maybe the talons course in ankeny?

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I don’t think I said anything about needing to be hot. But having an older lady post up where you can only be seen at 3 holes, right after you left the clubhouse and right before you go into the clubhouse, is not good for the beer cart business.

I’m very fine with brown bouncy grass. There was some completely bare patches on some slopes here and there but not anything that majorly affected how the course played. The only real critique I have of the course is the completely unnecessary amount of prairie grass in spots that dont make it much tougher for good golfers but leads to bad golfers losing a dozen balls per round. Lots of interesting holes and the greens were in good shape. Would definitely recommend for other people to play there.

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Quick question, would you be ok with greens like this? Not every green was like this, but I counted 15. $hit happens. Especially on a golf course. Its a long season. But this owner blamed everyone that he could name except himself. Then I had to sit and look at that sign on my cart about how I should treat his greens. He charged premium prices for golf and alcohol. (I think it was 6.00 a beer no discount for buying 6) I look at it this way. You go to a movie that just came out, and you get 15 seconds cut out every 10 minutes. Would you be ok with paying to go to that movie? I wouldnt be, and in this case I walked away not to return unless things changed.


Damn. There’s that disease again.

I swear I didn’t see it last month but maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention.

Disease on the greens, extremely poor bunkers, and poor management have always been the downfalls of this course.

It’s like it’s a curse.

I want to make something clear. These photos were taken LAST SEASON. Not this summer

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Ah that makes more sense.

Thought I was going crazy cuz I swear I didn’t see the normal areas of disease on the greens that have plagued this course for years.

Yeah I’m cool with it. It’s really had to maintain a golf course and even harder when doing it with Fyre lakes budget. I play that place once or twice a year and only once do I remember saying the conditions were good. It’s never stopped me, but I go there for the awesome shots not the perfect lies.

I mean the insane overlap on the mow lines in the last picture bothers me much more to be honest.

But really so what? The turf sucked. Was it a tournament? What affect did it have on your fun?

It’s hard to defend Fyre and all it’s shit through the years but I think it’s cool so I’ll stick up for her.

New info on Great Plains GC Roost and our new season. Come check it out. If you need access, DM here and we will add you post haste!

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Hey Hey Chrevrolet!
Look what we did today!
Come all and play,
Just two hours away!!!

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Those were rolling lines. They roll the greens on Saturdays. It makes perfect sense to do that. Layout was fine. Insane amount of fescue that should be cut down around the greens and bunkers. It wasnt a tournament, but I was thinking about playing in a tournament the next weekend and I thought I better play it. Owner was an ass. I didnt want to listen to him complain about his super. If you dont like him then why did you hire him and why havent you fired him.

Hey there folks…

Can everyone that’s interested in the Roost threads see them? Perhaps you’ve been on the outside looking in?

We’ve got some events coming your way in the next year, and one just a short drive from you next month!

Lemme know if you haven’t been added to the GPGC message board threads!



When I click the link you posted above, it tells me the page doesn’t exist. Does that mean we need a private invite?

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Yes. I’ll get on it!

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