Roll Call: Indiana - Old Broken Bucket registration #1309 -

The wife let me sign up for this, just saying :wink:




Do it, do it, do it!

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Dropping a note here–we’ve filled out four pods (North, Central 1, Central 2, South) and I’m going to leave signup open until Feb 15th.

If you’d like to compete for a spot to the Roost Regional for the Great Lakes Roosts, at Lawsonia, jump in!

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The party doesn’t stop after they kiss the bricks… Crossroads is bringing the Old Broken Bucket, our Roost Major, to Indy June 1-2.


Sorry to say those dates don’t work for me- I’ll still be at Sand Valley on the 1st (and possibly Landmand on the 2nd).

Anyone interested?

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Max 4 signups are live! Come show MI what one of our newest roosts has building on our turf - maybe we’ll do the same to you!

For the Refuge fam that has yet to adopt Discord, the website, etc.

Registration for the Old Broken Bucket is open

Sign up on Unknown Golf, find a teammate that will help you get to Lawsonia and/or the NIT, and start thawing that golf swing for spring…

@Crossroads_CoOp @SecondCityGC @OhioAgainstTheWorld @SupperClub


Hey guys, wife and I are gonna be in ft Wayne for the Jason Isbell show next month.

  1. Any of you also going?

  2. Can I get some recommendations for good spots for bourbon/beers or breweries in the city? Maybe some good food? Bonus for something unique or “ethnic”

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Junk Ditch Brewery = local brew, thoughtful cuisine.

It’s not a fixed menu, it changes based on what they can get… it’s kinda “chefy” like that. Lots of variety though, I think it’d be exactly what you are looking for.

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cracks knuckles

Cooper Spoon located downtown (free parking on the street after 5 and all weekend, parking garage isn’t too bad either) is going to be your best bet on bourbon and amazing food. I can see if my buddy is working whatever night that is and see if you can get a top notch experience. Similar to junk ditch, semi rotating menu but tons of great regular stuff. Will need reservations.

We’ve had a Turkish place open recently that has been getting rave reviews, Deema Turkish Cuisine. Owner is extremely welcoming and loves to make sure you’re enjoying everything. Can walk in.

Summit City Brewerks has some 20+ taps. Food menu is slightly lacking but has a couple of unique things, like gourmet hot dogs. In the same vein, Bravas is a local cart-turned-brick and mortar that always uses top ingredients and a Spain-inspired dishes. Known for burgers and dogs but also does dinner dishes. Can walk in.

Junk Ditch is awesome as well, like Rob said. Will definitely need reservations. Think I give CS the upper hand just based on atmosphere and drink/bourbon selection.

Late night drinks, Cocktails is amazing. Very strong drinks, intimate setting, very unassuming. Hidden secret really.

Coney Island is a staple of course if you’re looking for simple, fast, and comfort. Local secret: go through the backdoor. You’ll walk through the kitchen to the dining room. Find a seat. Order a bottle of coke. Get a cheeseburger and a cheese dog.

Can recommend more if you’re looking for other options.


I’m not even sure what Turkish cuisine is, but I’m intrigued since I’ve never had it before

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Close cousin to Greek cuisine.

Ryu’s Kitchen is a Korean place that came to mind as well. Small, great bibimbap.

Bangkok Bistro and Nawa are Thai places, Nawa being downtown and closer to the Embassy. Loooove Nawa, the duck panang is my personal favorite. Go for phukket (pronounced poo-kit) spice level and be amazed with flavor and heat.


Don’t forget about Bistro Nota, @papateeps Food is amazing. Don’t go anywhere near Connors Kitchen or rooftop bar. They are average as fuff. And if you actually want a cocktail bar experience (in addition to copper spoon), I’ve really enjoyed Penny Drip the last couple times I’ve been there for a post dinner cocktail.

As far as ethnic, Ryu’s Kitchen for Korean food. And Bangkok Bistro for Thai. Both a block from one another and our go to take out / dine in spots.

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I’m out on Nawa. Overpriced and not that good compared to Ryu’s or Bangkok

Haven’t been to BN but I have been hearing great things lately

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You need to. Really great menu and very flavorful. Get it on the rotation for sure

Random question of sorts, buddy of mine this weekend was raving about the Pfau course at IU. Said he completely ejected but still enjoyed it and thought Bloomington was a fun little town. Reviews online seem mixed on overall course conditioning, but everyone agrees it’s a tough course.

Is it worth a 2hr drive from Ohio one day to check it out?

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Absolutely worth it.