Roll Call: Indiana - Old Broken Bucket registration #1309 -

Welcome in my man! We’re not official yet, so stay plugged in with 2CGC. But we’ll get ya plugged in!

Edit to throw in the sheet:

done… heard there was a discord link as well?

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Yessir! @BuffaLouies is the man to get you plugged in there

@Heath_Hawkins @PatParham did you guys get discord link yet?

Sent to Chef, too!


I don’t think so!

It might be in your junk, mine was.

I did not, I did check my spam folder and didn’t see anything there either.

I added my Discord username to the google sheet.

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im all set in the discord, thank you!

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Throw this last-minute tidbit out there. Going to be playing The Hawthorns in Fishers around noon today.

Looking to see if anyone is available to tee it up this Friday at The Fort.

Hope you had a great time. Guessing it was a little chilly but if I would have been paying attention I could have joined you.

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Going to have to shift this to May 20, for anyone else able to join on that date!

Good reminder to remove myself from this. Would much rather be there!

Hey all,

Longtime NLU fan, first time in the refuge. I’m looking to get more involved this year and play more golf with some of you guys in the area. I’ve lived around central Indy most of my life and currently live in Greencastle. Big fan of the Pete Dyes but excited to play some new courses this year. I’ll be signing up for the meetups coming up here soon and look forward to meeting you all!


Out of towner heading to IN in a few weeks. Curious if there’s any courses worth checking out around Fort Wayne? Looking to get an early round on Friday 4/28 if anyone’s in the area.

In or around? Different answers there.

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Can’t believe I missed this for so long, welcome in man! Throw your info in here and we’ll get you hooked up in the Discord to #getinvolved

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I honestly don’t think that there is a “must play” in Fort Wayne. Kinda just a bunch of run of the mill neighborhood courses and muni/park types. Nothing wrong with any of them, but also nothing super special about any of them either.
Cherry Hill has a version of the 17th at Sawgrass, (hole number 6) that’s fun adjacent, at the very least.

Has anyone played the Donald Ross golf course in Fort Wayne? I’ve never played it but have always contemplated stopping in to play 9 while passing through. I see Indiana Tech owns it now, hopefully they are doing a great job with it.


Yup! Haven’t played this year but it’s usually in decent shape. Not a terribly interesting course, lots of straight down and back, some shorter holes. I try to get out there a few times.

Used to be 18 holes, only kept 9 after Tech bought up everything and built some new athletic facilities.