Roll Call: Indiana - Old Broken Bucket registration #1309 -

That’s incredible!

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Bar has been set, High Cotton will be getting in the lab

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Oh hell yes!!

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For anyone that needs a refresher on how to get your name on the amazing hardware that @RobThuss created, we’ve got a formal event thread up for the Crossroads Cup :white_check_mark:


Hey everyone!

New to the refuge here and wanted to introduce myself to try and get more involved in golf this season.

I’m from the Fort Wayne area and have been trying to get more and more into golf over the last 4 years or so. Currently somewhere around a 10 handicap. I’ve played in some leagues at Riverbend and Noble Hawk over the last few years but all my playing partners have either moved away or stopped playing. Looking forward to getting involved!


Welcome in! We’ve got quite a few Ft Wayne’ers, so welcome to your new playing partners. Throw your info in the sheet below and we’ll get ya hooked up!

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Welcome! Get in the discord, we’re gonna be playing much more when the warm weather hits.

What’s your favorite track in town?
Coney’s or Power’s? Have to choose one for the rest of your life.

Autumn Ridge is where I play the most, and is probably my favorite. Although a late fall round at Zollner may be the more accurate answer. Coneys over Powers for me.

How do I join the discord? Also, the Google Sheet I was supposed to go to says I need access. Thanks!


Welcome, I live in Huntertown… Would love to take a walk with you around Autumn Ridge, just say the word. (Also play the Tin Cup @ Noble Hawk every year, with my father in law.)

Sorry was late to the party—access granted to Sheet and discord link sent—welcome!

Hey all,

New to the refuge. Wanting to get involved in the Roost. 7.6 handicap battling a horrific putting stroke. Live near South Bend in La Porte, IN. Favorite course up here is Blackthorn in South Bend, but my favorite Indiana course in Kampen in West Lafayette. Hopefully see you all on the course.


You’re a sick, sick man listing Kampen as your favorite. Which means you’re in the perfect place. We’ve got a Google Sheet a couple posts up to throw your info in and we’ll get you involved!

Looking to get involved. Live in Bedford, also a member of Bloomington Country Club.


Welcome in, my man! Love the immediate West Lafayette to Bloomington whiplash haha

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Thanks! Happy to get involved!

Welcome! We have a few Bloomington members here so look forward to getting you involved and hopefully playing together


The event with HCC was such a success, let’s keep this thing rolling! First Co-Op meetup details are below, drop your info and #getinvolved

  • Circle City Roundup
  • Date: May 20, 2023
  • Location: Purgatory Golf Club, Noblesville, IN
  • Time: TBD, planning 10-11am EST start
  • Format: 6 hole matches, play each in your group. 1 point per hole, half point for tied holes
  • Leaderboard based on overall points after all matches
  • Post-round: Primeval Brewing
  • Signup here: Circle City Roundup - Google Sheets

I’m heading down to Bloomington this weekend! If anyone wants to get some golf in Thursday or Friday, hit me up! Debating going to play the Pfau course and just get my ass handed to me.

signed up. Excited for this roost to get rolling.

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What’s up sickos… transferring from the Chicago roost now that it looks like we got one going. Currently living NWI about 15 mins from Michigan border. Looking forward to playing a lot of G and meeting some great people.