Roll Call: Houston

Bottled water and your liquor of choice.

Battery chargers for laptops / cell phones

We had a natural gas power generator at our old house and i can only remember it kicking on twice in the 6 yrs we lived there.

Typically load up our largest cooler with ice as a backup should our freezer or fridges go down - but have never had an outage long enough to lose groceries (even during Harvey)

As far as home and other prep make sure your gutters and other yard drainage are clog free and gas up your vehicles. :metal:t2:

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Thought I’d check in with the local region. You can occasionally find me somewhere out of bounds at one of The Woodlands Country Club courses. Trying to get better though!

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I’m in The Woodlands, as well. Let’s tee it up sometime.

Count me in for any rounds in and around The Woodlands. I was a member at Golf Trails until Club Corp merged it with WCC and added a $15k initiation

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So did they make existing members pay the initiation? If so that’s pretty messed up in my eyes.

Yes. And they reclassified the levels of the clubs. Previously, in joining TWCC, you had access to Palmer, Player, Tournament, Oaks, Trails, and Lake Windcrest.

Now, they have different levels with the Oaks and Trails as the bottom tier with no access to the Palmer, Player, or Tournament.

Clubcorp / Invited is the evil empire of golf. They are trying to do to golf what Ikon / Epic have done to skiing

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Anyone know what happened with the sale of Wolf Point from a couple years ago? Went down a top 100 course rabbit hole today and was intrigued then saw it was up for sale in Feb 2020 but can’t find anything else.

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Appears Dormie purchased it at action.

Source: Wolf Point Club auction

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That is correct they are calling it TX0 after the airport runway, its a unofficial part of the dormie network. Dormie members can get on but from what I have heard its a very expensive day.

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hello! i’ll be in houston for the first couple of weeks of august (i live in nyc but am from houston). if anyone in the area wants to play, let me know! i’m off the first week of august so can do weekdays then and then my schedule is still flex after that but weekends are prob better

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Always down to play - Have you been to Gus or memorial since renovations?

Sounds good! Will DM you to coordinate. Haven’t played either of them!


New here. Live in Woodforest just north of The Woodlands. Can’t afford to join our neighborhood course, so i play Lake Windcrest a few times a week. Who plays regularly in The Woodlands area?

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Hey Brian. Welcome to the Refuge!

I’m in The Woodlands, but play at Walden. Happy to have you out anytime.

My dad is a member there. That course kicks my ass. Let me know if you want some wider fairways and you can join me at Windcrest.

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Kicks mine too. Fun course with some really cool holes. But man, it’s narrow and forces you to make shots.

Happy to join you at Windcrest. I’ve only played it once and it was a good time.

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I’ve got an 8:50am 4some Saturday and 9:40am 4some Sunday, both at Memorial, 3 spots open on each, if anyone is interested in playing. The usual buddies can’t make it out this week. Might get some rain, but that’s the fun part right?

Also, new here to the refuge

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Headed down to visit my parents this upcoming weekend, and my dad and I are looking to play on Saturday morning (as early as possible). Anyone have 2 spots open or looking to play?

Anyone know what the conditions are like at the Golf Club of Houston lately?