Roll Call: Houston

Hey Y’all! New to the refuge and was shocked that there isn’t a roll call for the 3rd/4th biggest city in the US! I’ve been in Houston a few years but haven’t found a golf community or playing partners. Would be nice to see how much of the NLU family is here in H-Town

Hey man! I’ve moved away but i’ll hit you up next time I come home. Really want to play memorial. Welcome to the Refuge!

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Brutally hard to get tee times now but doable if you are willing to play in the afternoon! Hit me up if you’re around.

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are morning tee times members only?

Also no longer a Houstonian, but down to play when I’m back in town. @ajsHTX is still a resident, though, and he’s somehow managed to get out on Memorial like 3 times already

Nah it’s just a lot of people trying to book at once when they open up for the day. I’d probably have to wake up earlier :sweat_smile:

I’ve gone 0-5 on getting a weekend Memorial tee time so far. They disappear at 6AM on the dot…I’m beginning to think I’m missing something…
Having said that, I play out at Gus Wortham a few times a month!

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Gus Wortham looks like a lot of fun. Both places scream persimmon and blades to me.

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Hyper-considering only bringing the old clubs back to Texas in February

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The redesign over at Gus is really fun. Nice use of a landfill to add some elevation to an otherwise flat city

Definitely do that. What side of the city are your parents on?

My trick for memorial is to be logged in already, click 4 golfers (since you can cancel anytime), and click the first tee time you see. If it’s booked it will offer you another time.

Also, if you’re just a single, you can Walkup and get on within a few hours if you’re willing to wait.

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They’re up in Kingwood, but if we’re gonna be golfing I’ll probably crash with @ajsHTX in the loop (hey alex can I crash with you in February before we drive to SA)

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I just realized I went to junior high with @tedscott (I think). Branch Crossing stand up

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Holy shit! What up Davis! small world my man. Let’s launch 'em next time i’m in town.

Good timing for this thread to pop up as I just booked flight and Airbnb to Houston at the end of the month. Unfortunately won’t be bringing the clubs but if anyone has recommendations for what to do in our (gf and I) 2.5 days there I’d appreciate it! I’d rather get recs from people I’m willing to trust than random internet blogs and travel sites. Staying in midtown for reference

Haha small world indeed. For sure! Let me know, I’m down in the Heights area now

Nice, will do for sure!

Heights resident here. Add me to the list still trying to get on at Memorial.


@happykamper What are you guys generally into? The main Houston past-time these days is eating and drinking, so can give plenty of recommendations there. Also a number of good museums if that’s your thing. Not so much on the outdoor activity front…

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