Roll Call: Houston

No. Drove by yesterday and it looked spicy.

Played 9 last weekend, was in fantastic shape. Greens were rolling really well, trash looked lovely floating down the bayou.

@anotherballromes is playing it right now, he can probably provide a better update post-round


Just got done. Best I’ve ever seen it really. Also shit 72 or something, so take that with grain of salt.


Was it spicy?

Was like 1 or 2 under through 12 after I drove the green. Make a few of the nervy misses down the stretch and I might be asking about the course record. Have to stay humble though.


All that said, plenty of time to get the handicap back where we need it at pine dunes.


What’s the full name of the course for us new people?

Gus Wortham Park Golf Course


Can someone provide some illumination on how the memorial park “resident” rate is verified?

I saw something vaguely about a city of Houston water bill but wasnt sure how the rate was verified.


I always just verify it with my phone number


Ok thanks! I wasnt sure how stringent the check was and if my outside the loop but in Harris County home address qualified…

Nope. Pretty sure it’s City of Houston only.



Anyone know a good pro to get a lesson from? Not looking for beginner lesson. I am a 6 HCP trying to shave some strokes off

I’ll be moving to the Kingwood / Humble area next month and will have to meet some golf buddies. I’m playing at a 12 but have a great attitude.

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Gonna play a last min Muni Tour Round at Gus 8am Tues 7/5.
I have 2 open spots, if anyone wants to join let me know

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Anyone want to join at 8:50 AM tomorrow at Gus? Have one slot