Roll Call: Eastern PA/ South NJ

I’ll co-sign everything said about Longwood Gardens, it’s definitely worth it.

And if you’re a baseball fan, a Blue Rocks game is a low key good time. The ballpark is great, it’s easy to get awesome seats, and they have decent beer/concessions for a small
minor league ballpark.


This was one of the first things I looked up. Sadly, the Blue Rocks are away for the whole next week.

Thank you everyone for all the info. Sounds like there might be an NLU meetup? Maybe I’ll see ya there!

Sounds like we’ll be close to the Riverwalk (Riverfront?) area. Solid area, or touristy trap?

It’s a solid area, Constitution Yards is a great beer garden, a few other good restaurants further down the street. Parking can be a bit of a nightmare though. No telling how many people are going to flock there with the tournament in town.


Any Riverton members in the Refuge? I’d love to have a quick chat about the club and the “vibe” some time. Interested in things like how they mange tee times, any restrictions on walking or push carts, any drama at the club that they won’t tell me about on the tour?