Roll Call: East Tennessee

I’m the assistant superintendent at Holston Hills and everyone I talk to is always happy with their results whenever taking lessons from the staff here, as well as John and Randy Wylie.

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A little late to the party, but I live in Chattanooga. Have been on the refuge for a bit but mostly have lurked around without posting. I’ve had the chance to play with several of the local guys (@tedscott, @mmckenney, @holeout ). If anyone wants to play a game (and likely take my money) let me know.


Can confirm, great dude. Loved playing Sewanee with you my gui.

Knoxville Area here.
This year I am hoping to play more places around the area, but trying to start playing outside of Knoxville just to switch it up a bit.
I’ve been to Sweetens but that is about it. I’m definitely open to suggestions.
Sewanee, Lookout Mt, Graysburg?

Tennessee National is a great course! Greystone around Nashville is a good track too

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The tellico area is… alright. Lots of options in Crossville as well.

Chatt is what’s up tho - sewanee, Sweetens, lookout mountain (as @tedscott tells me), etc. Tons of stuff down there.

Hit me up and we’ll go play.

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What’s up man! As @holeout said Chattanooga is great golf, I live here so holler when you’re getting the itch to play some spectacular golf.

Also, graysburg hills is sick, or at least it used to be. Make that trip. Anyone played there recently?


Agree with this. Local to Chattanooga There are some great Public options just outside of Knoxville. Rarity bay, tellico courses, windriver, TN national, river island, Gatlinburg country club, and many more

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No offense to anybody, but River Islands is one of my least favorite golf courses I’ve ever played.


Offense taken

@Chen come on out to Holston if you want to play. If you haven’t yet, ask @holeout and @tedscott about it


Thanks! Sounds like Chatt is where I need to be this spring and summer.
Sounds like a plan and I’ll keep you in mind when I go!

That’s awesome and I will definitely keep you and @holeout in mind when my friend and I head down this spring and summer!

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If anyone wants to play at Graysburg, I’ll meet you down there. I’m in Bristol. If anyone gets as far as Bristol, let me know. There are some good courses in the Tri Cities.

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Hi, I’m a traveling PT and just got to Knoxville. I’ve heard a lot about Holston and was curious if I could play at some point? Cheers!

We played Graysburg in late October. I feel like course conditions slowly decline every year we make the trip up there. Chimney Top layout is one of my favorites around. We will defintely continue to make the trip up from Knoxville though. $50 all you can play rate and $32 during offseason is a steal for 36-45 holes!

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That’s a bummer man, was always such a nice place.

I’m down in Orlando at the GCSAA show right now but If you’re in town next week I’ll be there

Saw this initially and forgot to reply. I appreciate the invite, my interest is definitely peeked. @tedscott and I will have to plan a trip up in the spring, looking forward to meeting up.

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wow really got left out of this one. @DavidElliottHHCC

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