Roll Call: East Tennessee

Four days off and everything is flooded. Bad timing blahhhhh.

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Good luck. 50% chance of rain every day next week. We will see you in June

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West Tennessee isn’t any better either.


Greetings Refugees. Knoxvillian here. Invited and properly assimilated by @tedscott & @holeout (meaning, they invited me to play and beat me by at least 10 strokes)

I play all over East TN. Member at Fairways & Greens. Hit me up for a game!


Alright guise… time to start working on a summer meet up.

Sweetens gets enough attention… who would be interested in a mid-late summer (August) Saturday meet-up @ Sewanee with the next day at Sweetens of your own accord? I’ll eventually open up a separate thread if we start getting some traction.

I’m open to other course suggestions as well. The other one that comes to mind is Graysburg Hills in very East TN, but there is not much else there in the way of food or drink.


I’m assuming it will be a different weekend than the Southern SweatOut?

Yeah, just in the general vicinity of August. We want fast and firm!

I’ve been looking for an excuse to get down there. Count me in. In the meantime I’ll be building up goodwill with my wife and parlay that into two Refuge August events.

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I should be able to make it.

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How about the weekend after the NLU Sweetens event? September 19-20

Im in for any date in August. Sewanee, Sweetens, Graysburg, you name it. September cuts back my weekend Golf for the Volunteers. :tangerine: :tangerine: :tangerine:

I’d definitely be in for September. Getting married in August so it might be a little tight.

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I didn’t know that, congrats man! Glad you signed up.

When in August? We would be able to rent Sewanee in the summer.

August 8th. Honeymoon August 9-16. We’re going to Hawaii. My fiancé has allocated me 1 golf round for the honeymoon if anyone has some suggestions.

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Very much in on this.

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I’d love to make this happen. Let’s do it

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Currently erect.


Sign up on the Google doc!