Roll Call: Colorado -- @PJM v Colorado Golfers, @PJM only half guilty


Waitlist is also ~3+ years from what I can gather.

This whole golf world is now insane. Maybe a little recession will help us get back to normal.

For sure. We joined BCC five years ago and our initiation fee was a fraction of what it is now…

Ours is 4.6X higher just based on sticker price from when we joined 10 years ago.

But that’s not the true story. When we joined, all they really asked for was an earnest deposit that was equivalent to 1 months dues. That’s it. No extra payments on initiation fees. Then if you were a member in good standing for 2 years they waived the rest. So yeah, our actual initiation fee was 1 months extra dues.

That means the actual change is 60X higher because I know they are not waiving the initiation fees anymore.

Does Legacy Ridge have a decent range? Trying to find somewhere close and decent from LoHi…

I don’t have super exacting standards for ranges (don’t be 100% mats during the summer and let me hit driver and I’m happy), by those standards Legacy Ridge and Walnut Creek both have fine ranges. Hyland Hills is in that area too (but they might be mats only for the season already?)

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Legacy Ridge is an ok range. It can get chewed up between the markers near the end of the day though since it isn’t that big for the amount of play it gets. Walnut Creek is bigger and has a much better chipping green if you are coming up this far. During winter Legacy is one of the best in the Denver area though since they have one long strip of very good artificial turf that can hold tees.

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Depending on traffic, Riverdale may be a driving range option for you as well. I-76 to US85.

As well as Thorncreek which is right off I-25 and 136th.

So our trip is this coming Friday through Sunday. The weather report is saying possible thunder storms on Friday and Saturday. How concerned should I be? I know Denver weather is very unpredictable, so it could be beautiful both days, but specifically with lightening, I’m a bit concerned. Do courses shut down with a legit threat of lightening or is it play at your own risk?

Looking at Broadway CC and Urban Putt if the weather is truly no good.

Also, any quick lunch recommendations in Aurora (landing at 1030am, 130pm time at CommonGround)? Could even be fast food, but would appreciate something we can’t get outside Denver.

Thanks everyone in advance, really appreciate all the great advice so far.

Generally play at your own risk if you are out there. Depending on how heavy the rain or lightning is they may hold back letting people tee off. But that kind of weather usually moves quick here and will be gone before you know it.

But this time of year, lightning isn’t really a major concern.

Plus, it’s only a 14% chance of rain by 4pm on Friday. Saturday looks wetter, but if anything it will most likely just be a steady drizzle. Bring a rain jacket to be safe.

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Thank you sir!

We’re playing CommonGround on Friday, Fossil Trace on Saturday, with the entire bachelor party.

A few of us may play Sunday as well. I have a time at Homestead at 9:27am and a tee time at Riverdale Dunes at 10:10am. We have a 5pm flight. Riverdale is closer to the airport but not 40 mins closer; although Homestead I’m guessing more likely to be impacted by traffic. Fair to assume Homestead is the faster round of golf? We’re the first time after the men’s club.

Probably about even, when considering a men’s club event at Homestead.

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I always thought men’s clubs usually play quicker than your average weekender but maybe I’m wrong.

Any event always slows down a course. Men’s clubs can be particularly bad since a good percentage of the players are only out their to drink.

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Yeah I guess my experience is different. When I was a course marshall in high school, the men’s club were first off every single Saturday and they were old dudes who drank coffee and played very fast.

So I was assuming this men’s club played regularly and probably didn’t drink given the sunrise tee times.

Sounds like they were not the norm.

Yes that was true 10+ years ago. Now the hordes have descended on golf courses


I quit playing mens clubs a few years ago.
50% dudes with inflated handicaps drinking beer and out there to party
50% guys thinking it’s Sunday at Augusta and reading every putt from 360 degrees, missing every one of them.

That all equated to 5+ hour rounds and a miserable experience.


I am thinking about doing a little golf and biking trip out to Grand Junction later in October, wondering what the courses are like out that way if people here have played them. Eyeing up Tiara Rado and Adobe Creek, maybe Redlands Mesa but I am more on the strapped budget side of things unless its super worth it then I am willing to pay. I have been out that way biking a bunch of times but never brought the clubs along. I assume the first two I mentioned are pretty walkable too?

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Yes Tiara Rado and Adobe are both very walkable and affordable. Courses are in great shape even late into October and unless you get an early snow storm the weather will likely be amazing.

If you are up for a short drive, head down to Delta and play Devil’s Thumb. A little tougher of a walk, but doable and a totally unique experience for golf based on the topography. Very strapped friendly greens fee as well.

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