Roll Call “Chicago” (Part 1)

I booked the 9:48 at the north course. I hope the seven bridges gang enjoys their coffee cake.

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Oh no, the coffee cake is taking its talents to Orland Park.


@tmstrods is there still one available at 1150 at Seven Bridges?

If there is, someone meet us tomorrow to count bridges and bitch about Mt Prospect.


@Pinehurts - Yes still a spot available for the 1150 at billion bridges, any takers?


@baldvinny I’m down south right now, how are we looking for prairie isle? Any snow issues? Still one open spot?

Spot is filled.
Not much snow left on the ground right now.
Still planning on it but will reassess in the morning.


Heads up to the bridges gang, I played it today and the greens were shockingly firm considering it was raining the entire time. Kept things interesting. Fairways were absolutely drenched!


Looks like the 4th seven bridges spot is filled

1150 with @Setwilli ? This get filled?

@tmstrods booked for 2. I believe there is still one open


Sweet, too much action here and im late to the cancelation game

@happykamper and I are moving our match to Coyote Run. Anyone wanna join us? Tee sheet is fairly open right now, and it’s $35.

Come join the 1150, still looking for one more. Spot is already booked if you want it


Count me in


11:12 if anyone wants to join just book the open tee times

Happy to report that the weather is good at Playa Paraiso… a P.B. Dye track.


Are all the bridges standing or are there now 10 and 3 half bridges?

All bridges were in excellent shape, solid infrastructure over there.


What an awesome day out at Silver Lakes! It was muddy, but the company was fantastic.
@Kerry coffee cake is legendary and fueled me to a great opening round for the 2022 season and I’m so jealous that you can just casually shoot 79 with your driver being so sparatic. @DylanC can smash the ball and but his greatest shot came on the par 3 18th when she thinned one into the front fridge and rolled it up to 10 feet. I think the apex of the ball was about 2 feet max. And finally shoutout @rmbartell for joining me in the YOTB as I game the lefty traveling blades for one more week. Always jealous of how you can pure an iron from the mud and put it to three feet birdie.


2 spots open Harborside Port @ 8:20 Sunday if anyone wants to join @FlapjackNickelsack and myself.

Forecast looks lovely.

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