Roll Call “Chicago” (Part 1)

Updates on hat(s) orders over there :point_right:

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Can we do a remake of these that says “fer sure a hobby”

…or maybe an addiction.


must have missed the boat on being added to roost thread, how do I get proper permissions?

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I had the same issue about a month ago. @EConroy419 got me access

Anyone interested in trying to get out and play this weekend?




100% - anyone want to play Mt. Prospect on Saturday afternoon or Sunday?

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9:50 at Mt Prospect on Sunday is open for $50 walking and as a new member of PCM I can get down with that. Just booked it now if anyone wants to join in go book it. I’ll probably get there a little early to warm up if the range is open

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Count me in. Just booked. Come one, come all!

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See you Sunday!

Snagged the last spot.

Well I missed my chance on this one :frowning:

Anyone else wanna grab a 10am at MP? Also down for other options.

I’m down for a Sunday round as well

10:10 has a 4-spot…I’m triple checking now if i have anything sunday

I didn’t mean to grab your spot since you asked first, you can have that last spot at 950 if you would like?

Would join Sunday if trying to fill out another group.

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I couldn’t book online or on golf now but I just called and got the last 950 spot.

I just booked 10:10am if anyone else wants to join up.

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950 is filled, NM

Booked a spot in the 10:10

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