Roll Call: Central California

What’s happening, Central California Refugees!? Just curious how many folks we have out here in the Central California/Central Valley region of Cali. I am in Modesto, but I consider anywhere from Sacramento to Bakersfield the Central Valley. Cheers!


Somehow missed this! Live in Fresno and play mostly here but get up north for work every week. Let me know if you are your ever out this way looking for a game.


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Merced checking in. Happy to host anyone at the home track any time.

Bring yer punch-out skills.

Semi-related…any news on what has happened to diablo grande over in Patterson?

Only if you include Robby Thompson or RonEwing in our foursome. :slight_smile:

Diablo closed about a month ago. She gone.

We got some gamers for sure.

I played the week before they closed, but I heard they were gonna keep up with basic maintenance and had another buyer lined up.

Yeah I’ve heard nothing more than that as well.

Love your locker room. oooooold school.

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Great shot. I actually stood right there this afternoon. Weird.

Must have just been cleaned, because I’m unsure whether I’ve seen em that shiny.

Whole place is old school, but it’s charming. And dammit, the people are just solid. It’s a golf club, through and through.

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Amen. Love that place. Let you know when I’m
Cruising through and we’ll get a game.

@Slim @cjones143 if you guys want to add your names and info to the Royal and Ancient Company of Dishonourable Golfers and be included in the WhatsApp group, please open the spreadsheet linked here and add your names under the Northern California Chapter.

Also DM me your phone number and I will add you to the WhatsApp group

Assuming this is to set up some games locally? I guess I can use the search and answer my own damn question.

In any case, in. Phone number inbound.

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Yes sir. Games, organizing an event, overall golf chat.

Hey folks, going to spend Christmas with my family in Paso Robles and probably will try to get my dad out for a round. Is Hunter Ranch my spot or is there another place I should be looking?

From the LA area but have played Hunter Ranch and Paso Robles GC. Hunter was way better overall.

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Hunter is a fun track. Not a ton of golf down there.

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Hey everyone, new to the refuge but been an NLU follower now for about a year. I actually started playing a year ago. I live in Fresno but work in Merced. I am always looking for new tracks to play.


Welcome!! Stay tuned for meetups, etc.

5 weeks out. Friendly reminder.

Looking for fillers? I can wrangle more.

Anybody have a good instructor/coach/teaching pro recommendation? I’m still a bit of a scrub, and have yet to meet someone I “click” with in terms of style.

Ideally between Stockton and Fresno. San Jose or East Bay aren’t out of the question, either.

I’ve looked at some of the bigger guys (Horner at cordevalle, Schy at Dragonfly) but I don’t know if I can justify the price.

Any help?

Bill Johnson at Del Rio CC.

EDIT: post by someone who’s never been to a teacher. I know Bill and know his stable of players and his resume. That’s all.