Roll Call: Capital District NY

Haven’t seen any threads for my area yet (though am new to the refuge) and figured I’d start a roll call!

Anyone play in the area recently?

Well we crossed paths in the Lake Placid thread, might as well make it happen here as well! I grew up in Clifton Park, currently live in Halfmoon (made it super far). I joined the Edison Club last year on an awesome promo deal, gotta decide this year if I’ll stay on or not. Also play a ton at Fairways of Halfmoon


I’m over in Averill park, looking at joining Taconic since I work close to there in MA, I feel like theres alot of guys in the MA roll call that arent too far out there

The land of always winter?

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I’ve heard great things about Taconic, I played Waubeeka this summer and that was fun, can only imagine what it’s like up the road at Taconic

Anywhere around Albany to hit balls indoors? Going to be in town tonight through Wednesday

Theres a nexgen golf in Latham that’s pretty nice but pricy, theres also a place a bit out of the way at holland medows in Perth (but is cheap and has a nice bar) theres also route fore golf in east greenbush that’s nice (no bar though)

Lmk if ya want a second, still waiting on a few weights to come in, but always down for a few swings

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Sounds good. Nexgen likely to be the play, 15 minutes from the hotel

Finally found some capitol region golfers lol


Yo! Hit up the NYC thread, couple other guys around albany in there as well

Cc @HibernatingBear

Welcome @KBB514 ! Hit me up in DMs if you’re interested in joining our “NYC Metro” chat. I can give you more info over DM but our boundaries expand far out from NYC, all the way up to you guys in Albany, out to the eastern edges of CT and down towards Trenton, NJ.


Hey, I’m a new nest member from the capital region. I play at Mcgregor up in Saratoga. Always looking to meet people to play new courses.


Also Capital District. In Schenectady area.


@HibernatingBear bring em in!

Welcome @Par75 and @Tommyk86 ! We have a large group of guys that ate part of the RACDG society (see below). We have a separate WhatsApp chat where golf is maybe discussed 20% of the time but it’s also our main way of planning rounds. Additionally, we got organized this winter and now have a website where you can become a member, get a GHIN and see what events we have planned

Hit me up in DMs if you want to get involved in the Whats App chat.


Hello all

New to this message board. From Amsterdam, NY and I am a member at Amsterdam Muni. Looking to see if there are any cap district golf groups/events or beyond. Cheers.


I’m a member at Rolling Hills/Antlers right around the corner! So we got two!


Paging @HibernatingBear, we’ve got 3-4 Albany guis in the NYRACDG as of now and a very active WhatsApp chat. Come on in! Currently a member at Taconic. We’ve got a ton of events planned already and are always looking for new guys to get some rounds in with!

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Thanks @Cinnamon. @IAFF2825 @Par75 feel free to DM me if you want to get involved in our not-so-little chat. Like Matt said, we have a growing contingent from the capital district but most of the guys are from the tri-state area. Always welcoming new blood! Happy to give more details if you want!

Does anyone have any strong opinions on Lake Placid course rankings? I’ve got one morning during a wedding weekend and trying to decide between Whiteface Club and the courses at Lake Placid Club