Roll Call: Bloomington/Normal

Just moved back to the Champaign/Urbana area after living in Georgia for a few years. If anyone wants to play around the area this summer let me know!


What are the good golf shops/fitters in the Peoria/Bloomington-Normal area?

Very late response, but I always try and support Illini Golf in Peoria. Haven’t been fit by them, but I know they do fittings.

There used to be a tiny golf shop in a house on Main St, just off ISU campus in blono. I never checked it out when I was living there, but as far as I’m aware that’s the only golf-specific store in town.

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Just seeing this as well - I also endorse Illini Golf in Peoria. It’s been a while since I have been there but I remember it being awesome. Really small shop packed wall to wall with equipment/merch and a good staff. I got fit for some clubs there back in the day and it was great, not sure if they still do fittings

In Bloomington the tiny golf shop on Main St. is called Bauer Golf. They are really solid at club repair but I’m not sure that they do any other sales. Definitely would recommend for repairs. I worked 4 years at the Golf Learning Center in Bloomington while I was at ISU. GLC used to be a great spot for repairs, sales, and fittings/range. Sadly it has changed management a few years ago and they no longer to club repair and they have severely scaled back on their merchandise and equipment sales. On the flip side, they dumped some money into the range and its a decent spot to hit balls when its not great weather (pizza spot downstairs is pretty solid too).

Other than that there isn’t really a good golf shop in BloNo, which is sad. For club fittings your best bet would be to catch a manufacturers demo day at one of the courses in town