Roll Call: Big Island, Hawaii

Tons of great courses, 365 day window, chance to get up close and personal at Mitsubishi Tournament of Champions (spotted for GC last time…it’s a blast being inside the ropes).

Think big island is probably the best overall island for golf. I’m stuck over on Oahu, love living here but the golf isn’t great. Heading to Lanai next weekend though.

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Completely unrelated question, but as a resident of the islands, roughly how much does it cost to hop between for a few days / weekend?

Like anything it depends. Next weekend flying to Lanai in the morning playing 2 rounds of golf then flying home. I paid for the flight with 7500 Hawaiin miles each way. The interisland flights usually costs between $75-$200 round trip. The golf is discounted for locals. First round is $150 second $50. Not sure what rack rate is.

My round this weekend was $85 but tourist rate was $225 to give you an idea.

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The good news is that since Southwest came in to fly inter island about a month ago the prices have dropped considerably. When Hawaiian was the only airline (due to Island Air going out of business a couple years ago) one-way fares were as Stymied said, pricey.

Now with Southwest offering fares beginning at 49, Hawaiian had also come down to that range. Not surprising, but nice to finally have Southwest here.

I have always been curious about this.

Is the only cheap way to play or visit other islands is do a day trip?
Are there any hotels that have discounts for locals?

With Southwest now offering cheap inter-island flights it makes playing on a couple different islands affordable. A day trip might be more affordable if you can get a round trip flight less than a hotel room. Many hotels do have discounts for locals with a Hawaii drivers license. A good option would be to just get an AirBnB room/house and stay on an island for a couple days rather than a day trip, which would be in most cases cheaper than a hotel. But you would also factor in a rental car, unless you Uber.

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You guys live in paradise, congrats.

Visiting the Big Island currently, and looking for a recommendation for a course to play tomorrow. Thus far, we’ve played Mauna Lani and Hapuna. Any suggestions?

Makani (formerly Big Island Country Club) is upcountry and a nice change from the beach courses. Personally though I’d play Hapuna again! Forget the Waikoloa Beach and Kings courses. Mauna Kea always nice but $$$$. Totally agree with playing the Waikoloa Village course. I lived there and played it a lot.


Fear of getting ejected by Locals… When I use to go my Family would play Daily up at Waikoloa Villages. it’s a good course, nothing special, but very playable and enjoyable. They would let us buy a punch card for like 8 rounds for $65/round (this is like 7-8 years ago now) and let us roll it over to our next years trip. I also Played Big Island CC when it was named Big Island CC just remember to goats on the course mowing the ruff and the turkeys in the palm trees.

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The goats at Hapuna were a pleasant surprise!

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Hello Big Island folks.

Going to be on your island at the end of next month for the very first time. Very excited to do some exploring and also play some golf. I will be looking through this thread obviously for some tips but any quick hitters would be appreciated also! Staying on the Kona side.

Played Mauna Lani and Hapuna in April, they were great. I liked Mauna Lani a little more, Hapuna was brutally hard.

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Hey y’all, sitting in the Honolulu airport as I type this.

I like to report back when I ask for advice and the Big Island did not disappoint.

Played two rounds at Waikoloa and one round on each course at Mauna Lani.

Mauna Lani is hands down my new favorite golf facility and specifically the South course. I think the north course was a little bit better in terms of the actual golf but the south course had views and holes by the ocean like I had never seen. What a treat. Hawaii was my fifth island I have been to out of the whole state and I think it is my new favorite. So many activities, the volcano, great golf, and not as crowded as Oahu or even Maui.

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Got a time share based in Waikoloa - agree with all about that course. Pleasant, well maintained, and very playable - although not very memorable. Very much a “resort course” vibe. There are definitely other more interesting courses out there on the Kona coast - but you can’t really go wrong no matter where you play!

Glad you liked the Big Island. Don’t tell anyone. Tell them it sucked!


Will be visiting some family that live in Hilo the first week in July, anyone around or interested in playing?