Roll Call: Bay Area Golfers

Ok, keep me posted on how your plans for 1/20 shake out as I may be able to have you out at Berkeley CC if you’re interested, will depend on if I’m here or not. I have a convention in Vegas starting Sunday but not sure when I’m flying out yet.

Other options in the area I’d recommend highly include Corica Park in Alameda - we host our annual major there. It’s an Australian sand belt style course and there is both a full 18 (South) and a 9-hole course (North) which is even better and will likely be the more popular course once they finish the back 9. There’s a great bar and restaurant on site too.

Poppy Ridge is fine but not remarkable enough that I’d recommend you spend your trip going over there.


No. :face_vomiting:
Poppy Ridge is bad and even the NCGA knows it and is going to blow it up next year


Don’t waste time or gas money on Poppy Ridge.

As mentioned above, try and get out to Corica South if you can, weekday value will be great. Weekend might be tough but if you book through GolfNow you can avoid paying the booking fee.

If you’re doing Poppy Hills, could loop the back at Pasa twice, not positive on the current rate but if they course isn’t soaked it’ll be fun.

Chardonnay could be a good choice. Or Windsor GC if you want to make the drive up that way.


PSA: Pasatiempo will have both 9’s open in January

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do you know when in Jan? when are they closing down the back nine?
cc: @Kornwhalice

After the college tournament from what I’ve heard.


oh wow so not until April. @Kornwhalice I may need to drive up and redeem myself before you move

All 18 will be open as of December 1st and they’ll close the back 9 in April after the Western Intercollegiate

@Kornwhalice I’ll be in Salinas for an engagement party the weekend of the 2nd. I think I can be convinced to extend my trip :eyes:

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Happy to join or at least help book for presidio/ could be messy weather by then. Im in the loyalty/mens club there, so I get an extra week to book.

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Appreciate the offer! I believe we’ll have four already that round but I’ll let you know if anything changes. Played it last year in December and got lucky with the weather. The course was wet but it was perfect weather. Got dumped on every other day.

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Ok folks @RACDGNorCal - Battle in the Big Trees V3 Interest list is up!
SAT 12/30/23 8am two loops around Northwood GC with a half bag. Details in link.
Please don’t sign up until you know you can make it. Cap is 20. First come first serve.


Have two open spots at Corica Park this Sunday at 11:10am - anyone interested ?

NorCal folks looking for a little competition:


What’s up, everyone. I am a new refugee.


What’s your deal? Where you from? Tell us about yourself.

I am The Mock.

I grew up on the central coast of California. Currently I spend most of my time between the Monterey Bay and Sacramento. I’m semi-retired, working only the occasional shift at a local driving range. No wife, kids, or pets.

The art of golf is something I have been practicing for the last 27 years. I enjoy learning about the game, especially from others golfers. Here I hope to meet new people and contribute to the group.

A friend once told me he had never met someone else who knew so little about so much. I think that described me well.


Nice to meet you @TheMock theres a large contingent of players in the Sac area, and most of us bay area peeps are always looking to drive down to Monterey to get a game at Poppy, PG or the other gems of the beautiful Monterey golf scene. Looking forward to getting a game with you. Most of us set up games in our Slack thread, Looking forward to teeing it up with you


Just pinged you the slack link @TheMock