Roll Call: Bay Area Golfers

@fourleafgrover no events while you’re here in that area. But I’m going to DM you our Slack link where a lot of our weekend tee times get organized.


City Nines 23’ interest list is live.
Fleming at 10am
Gleneagles at 2pm
Mariners under the lights at 6pm
$120 for the whole day.

About 12 spots will be filled by lottery.

Interest list here


Setting lottery date for this Friday so we can finalize the field and alternates. Get on the list!

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Alert the presses. Gil Hanse and Jim Wagner tapped to redo Spanish bay

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Alert the presses: Spanish bay tee times have been doubled in cost to match pebble.

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Greetings, folks. We have a couple spots open up in the Sacramento hills on Saturday for the Gold Rush at Darkhorse. $119 includes cart and team buyin. Ping me if interested. Plenty of dudes heading up from the bay.

Hey Lurkers! Are you here, but never been to an event? Do you like playing golf all day with internet strangers? Do you love unpredictable conditions and getting potentially hosed?

Have I got a pitch for you.

City Nines is officially looking for one participant on 10/28 10am-8pm. Must attend all day, $120 covers three nine hole courses and prize entry fee.

One spot is open. I could use a few folks on a late cancel alternate list too. Dm me.


@RACDGNorCal any advice for our Confluence homey?

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Got one thing right. CA is in fact, “just the best place ever.”


Hi All,

Heading to the area in November to check out The National at Bill Graham Auditorium and hoping to get in some golf. I want to check out the renovated Golden Gate Park Course but all the articles I’m seeing about the opening have been vague on the starting date. Does anyone have some insight into when it will actually open for play? Also, any strong opinions about Presidio or Lincoln if I only have time to play one? I won’t have a car so only looking at course options within the city. Thanks so much for the help.

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If playing in the City play Presidio or Harding. Presidio is hard and interesting. Harding is a really fun layout imo but not a great value for out of town players.

Lincoln has some good views but that’s about it. If I was traveling to SF it would not be the course I’d want to play if I had to choose one.

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Presidio x100 over Lincoln. The latter is in rather rough shape. Presidio is a delightful course.

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I don’t think there is an official opening to GGP. Echoing what others have said - Lincoln is a local favorite but it’s also called Stinkin Lincoln for a reason. Presidio is really nice and of course if money isn’t an issue Harding Park is very good. Very expensive for out of towners.


Also going to The National show! Definitely play Presidio


City Nines Event on 10/28 has one last spot open. Dm me for deets

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Welcome to the nest @mitchkm12, who has already braved the slack channel


Coming up to the Bay for a few days in January. Planning on playing Presidio and Poppy Hills. My friend I’m playing with has the NCGA card but we’re looking for one other course in the Bay Area. For reference, he lives in Marin so probably nothing we can access up there. He threw out Poppy Ridge but neither of us have played it so open to feedback on that course or any other recs.

I think he plays Peacock Gap and Indian Valley a lot so probably won’t play there so he can mix it up a bit. I’ve also played both of them before as well. They’re fine.

What days are you looking at?

1/17-1/21 most likely

Edit: playing 1/18-1/21