Roll Call: Bay Area Golfers

Hello friends, I’m going up to Napa/Sonoma for my anniversary at the end of May. My wife greenlit an early morning round on 5/31- do any of you have an in to get a fellow nester from Chicago onto Silverado? Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the info. I’m leaning towards playing 18 at Northwood first thing in the morning (it’s a Tuesday) and then head over to Bodega for another 18 starting around 1:30-2. I’d rather play early AM and be back in SF at a decent time in the evening.

Would you recommend a different plan?

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Sounds lovely.

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No downside in my humble opinion. In fact. I’ve done it a few times myself!


Sounds like you might get a great drive down the coast at sunset. (Granted, maybe a blustery day at bodega in the afternoon. Make sacrifices to whatever God you honor to get a nice-ish day out there)

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Anyone need a new driver? I can even hand deliver it at the Chunks.

Brand new stealth+ 9° head looking for 400$

Can pair it with a hzrdous green small batch 6.0 70g shaft if that floats your boat. Brand new mcc+4 midsize grip as well. Call it 130$ for the shaft or 500$ for the whole set up.