Roll Call: Bay Area Golfers

Yep, but are those “exclusive” to the Palo Alto Golf Club? I’m trying to out what these “exclusive” rates are.

Also always in for a game at baylands!

Sounds like we have the potential, at least, for a recurring Baylands group!


I live close by Baylands too - would love to grab a game soon!

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Yo… when the day comes hit me up. I’m the closest to where you’re staying. From and live in Petaluma. So you’ll have to go through Petaluma to get to Bodega Bay. Sonoma is 15 minutes away from me.

It may be unsolicited… but Bodega is only going to cost you around $80 with cart and it’s full views of the ocean. It’s my favorite course in the North Bay.

We just don’t have the kind of bucket list course you may be looking for unfortunately. Which sucks, but yea is what it is I suppose. That said, Bodega is worth every penny in regards to ROI.

Chardonnay is cool, but it’s about 40 mins away from Sonoma proper… and the Coast is an hour straight up. Kind of a no brainer. To be fair, it’s the kind of drive you and the lady should do not matter what.


You’ve received a lot of good advice already, but if you’d like to play Silverado let me know about a month beforehand and we can try to work it out.


+1 for the IV over Peacock debate. Drove out w the pooch after a long day of work. Pro shop guy refused to charge me and said :dog2: always welcome. Good Central California livin!


I think IV has a more interesting routing that Peacock. But I think IV has more “bad” holes than Peacock.

Hole 4, the short downhill par 3 is kinda bad because it’s so surrounded by trees that it’s always super soft and the grass struggles to live.
Hole 5, the short narrow par 4 is bad. Any par 4 that the right play is to hit 8i, 8i is just kind of dumb.
Hole 16 has a dramatic tee shot, but the narrowing of the fairway makes it a hole with no choices.
Hole 17 is dumb as it’s a blind par 3.
Hole 18 is dumb. A par 5 where most players start with an iron off the tee is bad design.
Also lots of fairway trees on the course.

Peacock has some bad holes too, but nothing as egregious as IV. Hole 13 has a really bad green for how long the hole it. And hole 17 is kinda dumb with the bunker in the middle of the fairway on a short par 4.

All that said, neither is a great course and unfortunately all we got for public regulation courses in Marin. It’s kinda sad.

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I got to play Peninsula Golf & CC on Wednesday afternoon and figured I’d see if my take is a bit off here for those that have played it.

Ultimately the facilities are swanky - I mean seriously nice. Could easily spend all day there. Now - to the course.

The good: The tee shots and approaches were great, tons of elevation change, fun blind tee shots, and some pretty severe green surrounds on a few. This made all the shots off the tee and approach really fun and interesting.

The bad: the greens were appalling. It had rained that morning, but even still, they were not even close to country club greens, let alone a course that is a Donald Ross design. They were so slow, and so bumpy. The grass almost was “wavy”. They had not been punched recently nor top dressed - they were just bad. I’m hoping it was just the rain the day of but I was extremely unimpressed.

In addition to poor condition of the greens every putt was straight. When I checked in the pro and I chatted for a bit and he told me to “not over read the greens”. And he was right, I missed high side all day long, it honestly felt like no putt no matter where you were broke more than half a cup. It made putting extremely boring since you couldn’t make them because the conditions of them were so poor and there was no break (even if it looked like there was).

My overall take is that I got the impression that the greens needed a restoration - I don’t know if/when they had one last but I just can’t imagine those are true to the original Ross designed greens.

Loved the day out there, the course layout was very fun. I just wish the greens were better.


To whomever mentioned the Half Moon Bay Ocean course - thank you. That place rocked, super fun golf. Looked and felt links but didn’t quite play as such (rain kinda kept it soft) but it was a blast. I’d play there again in a heart beat, especially for the twilight $90 rate.


I think the only advantage Peacock has over Indian Valley, for me, is that it’s easier and I’m more likely to break 80 and that’s fun.

There is no doubt that Indian Valley isn’t a brilliantly routed course, but it’s a fantastic location and it’s interesting. Peacock is extremely bland. Having said that, I’ve played it much more because again, I like shooting a good score. :innocent:

I’m in agreement with some of these comments but I’m not sure how you left out Hole 14, that’s by far the worst hole on the course, you can land your drive in the left rough and your ball can finish in the right rough, tough.

I think they’re sick. Beautiful CA native oaks as well.


Stoked you enjoyed it there man! Good things. Makes me happy

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Hello Friends - I will be in San Fran Oct 13-17 for a little golf and visiting. Staying in Union Square. Open to any recommendations!



What’s your transportation look like? You have a rental?

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Go to A16, order a margarita pizza with pancetta and TWO eggs. Ask them to bring you the spicy oil on the side and drizzle some on the ZA when you get it but be warned it is spicy. The polpette (meatballs) or the buratta (or both) are great apps. Afterwards, go to True Laurel (cocktail bar) and order a Fungus Among Us (it’s seasonal so they may not have it). If they don’t have that get the Mai O Mai.

If you want more food and drink recs I could go on.

What courses are you playing while here?


Red carpet ordered. Where are we rolling it out?


Details we’re still efforting!

@Brenskiis dont want to jinx it but sorting out some good tracks!

@fullbodyfix I’ll be where the party is at!


Please let me/us know as I’d love to grab a drink or something if at all possible!


Where were you when I said I was in town! That sounds amazing!! :pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers:

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Well first post here! Newbie member! Out in Brentwood where there used to be golf courses and now most are gone!!! Good men’s group out at Lone Tree!