Roll Call: Austin/San Antonio

I could make the 14th but have conflicts on other dates.

It is nice, and has extremely reachable par 4s. The tips there is like blue tees everywhere else.

side note from the event discussion…

Best place to get fitted for irons near Austin… Go.

Big fan of Bobby Dean at Barton Creek. Actually get fitted on grass and he is brand agnostic.

great feedback and that makes me feel better because i already booked him next weekend haha.


One thing did occur to me about Kissing Tree; it seems like most of us like to walk, which is completely unfeasible at that course.

Well it’s about to be November and I don’t see a round of golf being planned. Anyone want to meet up for a round???

November Meet-Up
  • Yes, let’s plan a round.
  • “That’s a no for me, dog.”

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New to Austin & the Refuge/Nest. Please, don’t hesitate to shame me, if my dumbass breaks any posting protocols. Came to Austin as my “Work from Home” city because I needed to get the hell out of LA. Chicago born & raised. Sports addict who also works in sports TV. Love golf for the competition with buddies & meeting new people. I think my game is pretty solid but I also tend to light myself on fire about twice a round (Shoutout Icarito). I’m looking to play whenever & wherever as the only place I’ve been is Clay/Kizer (Big fan of Kizer). No problem playing at munis or private clubs, with men or women, or with scratch golfers or high handicappers. Just want to see as much of Texas golf as I can before I get called back to the self importance capitol of the world. Cheers, all! -Matt


We just had a meet up last week and planning another for next month. Jump in with us! Probably going to find a place between San Antonio and Austin to get some cross pollination!

This said, Let’s grab a round sometime. I play Grey rock The most as I’m a member-ish there. Public/Private on the SW side of town. Good walk. Hit me up sometime and we’ll plan a round!

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When you walk Grey Rock, is the long distance between 8 and 9 a problem? Other than that, the course seems walkable to me, though I haven’t tried it. I have pretty much only played it on summer afternoons when it was 90+.

It’s more a problem when you start on back 9, finish 18 And walk to 1. Mentally it’s a tough walk but other than that, SUPER walkable and I enjoy it.

I am here in Austin as well. I don’t have a favorite spot yet as I am still playing all the public tracks. Happy to meetup anywhere in the area on weekends.


Yeah, as someone who walks Morris Williams, it seems like the flatness would be nice.

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i’m in ATX and would love to meetup for golf but my schedule is shaky at best. covid has completely destroyed any free time that I previously had.

but…if you throw out some dates I may be able to lock one or two in. Mondays are my best day. as we head into winter…who’s to say…

First time poster, long time reader. This might have already been discussed, but is anyone looking interested in playing Sunday in the Austin area? Down to play any course.

Yeah I’m in for a round Sunday afternoon. 1/2 o clock somewhere.

What area of Austin do you usually play? I was looking to play up at Forest Creek, I know its RR but there are some openings between 12-2

I’m on the sw side of town but I bet we could play there or Star Ranch with @HellerHighwater.

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if you’re interested in a 4th…I just opened my afternoon. 2:00 better for me…coming from Bee Cave.