Roll Call: Atlanta - TPC Sign Up Link in Discord Announcements Channel

I often go to Fox. Same management so 16$ for large bucket and mats only Monday to Friday.

Any clue how many balls are in a large? Trying to compare price to Bobby Jones

Don’t hold me to it but think it’s 80.
Good people in the daily operations.

Just posted a poll in discord for dates next week for a kick off happy hour @ the battery. Go vote in the #announcements server.

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Hi ATL folks,

I have a buddy who is considering joining Golf Club of Georgia and is somewhat suspicious about the lack of waitlist.

Any red flags he should be aware of? What’s the general consensus on the place? I’m not finding a ton about it online.

@Mdolan522 can comment. I play w him up there, love the two tracks , practice area is top notch.

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Probably no wait list because they have 36 holes so member count / tee time availability is less of a concern. I have a buddy who is a member up there so I have played it a few times… Clubhouse is sick, mens clubhouse is sick, pro shop/merch is sick, and practice areas are some of the best I have seen. If your friend can afford it, and lives close enough to not mind the drive, I see no reasons to be concerned.


Is this the one that is off Windward Parkway in Alpharetta?

Yes off windward. We joined a almost 2 yrs ago. Capping membership soon (~600), but no waitlist as of now. Both tracks are well maintained, and practice facilities are awesome. Owner runs a tight ship, but never has negatively impacted us. He also has some plans to continue Renos over the next few years. Should keep getting better.

If you live near there / don’t mind the drive, it’s one of the better bang for your buck clubs in ATL.

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Reminder ATLiens. @apmiller and I will be going live on the Peachtree Collective Instagram to talk tournament program and answer any questions you have.

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Missed the IG live. Any talk about potential dates for spring major and/or venues in mind? Hoping to get it on the calendar soon.


Yes sir. Dropping the sign ups shortly. First major is at the Fields, with 36 holes + breakfast and lunch. Date being finalized, but looking like it will be March 26th. Cost will be $150 which includes golf, food, small tee gifts, and a little for charity. Second major we are waiting for confirmation, but likely end of June and unless something falls through (fingers crossed), we will be going to Old Toccoa.


Hate that I’d miss this!! Love the sound of a summer major at Old Tocca tho. Place is so much fun.


Reminder for everyone who is interested to go vote in discord (announcements channel) for preference on the day of our happy hour next week. Finalizing plans with the venue tonight so will go off the poll results later this evening

Sorry to spam, but big news! We are officially live with sign ups for both individual match play competition and our spring major @ the fields. Here is the link to our original roster. I’ve added a column for you all to add your ghin info to the first page. To sign up for the event, simply go to the appropriate tab and select your name from the drop down–the rest of the information will auto-populate.

Btw, if we get to sixty people for the Fields we get the entire place to ourselves. LFG

@Tron go ahead and mark the date.


Surely both the Schuster brothers would love to make an appearance at the home town roost major if possible. cc: @MerchCzar

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I would absolutely love to, but I am at a family wedding that weekend. Thanks for flagging. I had a blast at the Mr. Jeezy Open last year…


Never fear, we’re working on Old Toccoa for the Summer Major in June…will keep ya posted


Also reminder we have a happy hour tomorrow @ the battery! Six o clock but come whenever. No agenda or anything, just some guis (or gals) having some beers. Location is the new irish pub Mac Mcgee’s (next to Jeni’s). Free parking for three hours.