Roll Call: Arizona/Scottsdale

Anyone and everyone in Arizona, and more specifically the Scottsdale area. I’m a caddie moving down in a month to work at Scottsdale National this winter, was wondering if there were any other NLUers in the area who would be interested in meeting up and playing/getting to know one another. First time going down, so I don’t know too many people in the area.

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Already exists


Briefly looked but didn’t find it, cheers

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Headed to cave creek for new years. It’ll be my first time in AZ, pretty pumped. May have a spot open for a couple tee times.

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Been down here for a few days now, went and hit balls at McDowell Mountain, anyone know any other good places to practice/play?

I’m heading to Scottsdale for a golf trip at the end of this month. Looking for some recommendations for fun courses under $100/round. I got my wife hooked on Strapped and now she’s sending me to Arizona.

Check out Southern Dunes in Maricopa. Looks like they seem to offer a $90ish round for a couple early slots during the week, but not Friday. Not sure if the price goes up later in the month, but that’s what I’ve been seeing for next week at least. Awesome course. Bit of a drive depending on where you’re staying though.

Anybody ever stay at We Ko Pa before?

I’m based in Vegas and was just in Scottsdale in December. Stayed at the Phoenicain and man they did a great job with the redo of that course. What a great setup. Just wish i had played better. Also played Camelback and for the price i would have rather of played Phoenician again.

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Hey man, welcome, not sure how this happened, but we’re a little more active over on this thread

Anyone else participate in the Virtual Pat’s Run today?

Here in Arizona or anywhere across the country?

I got in 4.2 miles in Tempe for a great cause this morning.

PT42 Never Forget!

Does anyone here know this absolute legend of a man?

Hey guys - anyone have recommendations for joining clubs in the Scottsdale area? Looking for under 40 deals if available, have checked out Gainey Ranch and Pinnacle so far. Looking for advice!

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