Refuge Information

We’ve undergone changes as of January 1, 2021. We’ve created new Rules and Standards HERE. Additionally, I encourage everybody (newbie and veteran alike) to please take a minute and read below to learn about what’s new and different around here.

Nest Members

You have full, unlimited access to see and post across the Refuge. Additionally, you can create threads anywhere in the Refuge save for two spots–the ‘Public Feedback’ and ‘Portico’ sub-categories within the ‘Community Center’. Other than that, have at it!

Non-Nest Members

Welcome to the Refuge! We’re glad you’re here and hope you will take a look around and familiarize yourself with things. Please feel free to visit and participate in both the ‘Events’ and ‘Community Center’ categories, including the ‘Public Feedback’ and ‘Portico’ sub-categories. Please know our Events are open to everybody, so feel free to #getinvolved as you’re able!

As part of your familiarization process with the Refuge, we invite each non-Nest member to use 100 posts anywhere in the ‘Community Center’ and ‘Events’ categories (including sub-categories). So whether it’s signing your state or city’s roll call, signing up to participate in an event, or getting involved in one of the community-oriented threads, we hope you’ll take a look around and see if joining the Nest is right for you! Please note that during this ‘trial’ period the rate at which you’re able to post is intentionally cut down to about once per hour.

The threads you see within the ‘Portico’ category represent the best of the best here on the Refuge. We hope they provide a glimpse into the type of community that exists here. Our intention is to shuffle in a few new threads every couple months to keep this sneak peek of the Refuge fresh.

Other than that, make yourself at home and thanks for being here. We hope to get to know you and eventually see you out at a course somewhere!


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Minor Update: Feb 8, 2021

We’ve made the following adjustment to the Refuge I want to share for everybody’s edification:

We’ve added an ‘extended stay’ classification (for lack of a better term) for non-Nest users who wish to remain active past their 100 posts in the public-facing community threads but, for specific reasons, are not Nest members at the moment. The extended stay classification essentially removes the posting limits for non-Nest members while keeping access limits (ie. public-facing only) in place.

We don’t envision this as a widespread thing, but having said that, we’re happy to facilitate for folks where it makes sense. We had two Nest members reach out privately last week which spurred this adjustment. I’d invite the same of anybody else who wants to discuss a specific circumstance–please feel free to direct it to myself, @MerchCzar, or any moderator. Thanks!