PUBLIC THREAD The Ice Bowl Part II: Big Plex Heads to Cowtown January 21, 2023 (Rockwood Park GC)

After a wonderful inaugural event in 2022, the Ice Bowl will return for a second year, a football-inspired battle of two teams during the heat of the NFL playoffs. However, this year will be a change of scenery: at long last, Big Plex will be headed west to Fort Worth.

The Ice Bowl will go down on the crown jewel of Fort Worth’s public golf scene, Rockwood Park golf course.

To make things more interesting, this year’s event will continue to be two man net best ball, but a brand new, state of the art points system will determine match winners: the Big Plex Stableford System (trademark pending).

This event will also take place on a Saturday in hopes that attendees can head to a local establishment to celebrate the winners, medicate the losers, and watch round 2 of the NFL playoffs.

Where: Rockwood Park Golf Course
When: January 21, 2023 - tee times from 9:00 AM to 9:50 AM
Cost: $25 Non-Refundable fee (includes hat and a donation to IAGF) + green fee the day of the event ($49 walking) Fee will be due one month out, 12/21, to ensure your spot in the event. Payments can be made via venmo to @Cameron-Kuenzer
Format: Net Best Ball + “Football” Stableford Scoring. See Below For Details
Captains: @duckhunter07 and @therealmarkymark
Dress Code: Football Fan Semi-Formal (No jorts. Well maybe jorts.). We will have a best-dressed award.
Optional: Post-round hangout in Fort Worth to watch the Saturday 2nd Round NFL games.

Draft night, pairings, tee times, and other details will follow.

Sign-up Here:

The Big Plex Stableford Scoring System:

@TheSupercell @STROHS Feel free to join us.

bcc @TheSupercell and @Jdonelson (can you tag in Strohs?).

Strohs has their event that weekend

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It’s true - we’re doing an event at Landa Park in NB that weekend (actually Fri-Sat). That said, no reason NOT to tag in the @STROHS since we aren’t the only game in Texas - we definitely want to continue to support all the Roosts!


UPDATE: after doing some market research, there will be uncrustables at this event.

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Work trip came up and I have to drop out. I moved up first alternate @WhineyCracker52

@qtip I’ve long said you were one of the best guys on the Refuge and if we ever play golf together I would love to buy you a beer.

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Cheers! If the legendary @WhineyCracker52 wasn’t first alternate, I might not have cancelled.

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We have finalized the fees for this year’s event. Ice Bowl participants will pay a $25, non-refundable deposit by Wednesday, December 21, to ensure their spot in the event. This fee will be used to pay for a custom hat created for this event by our Plex merch Czar, @BHstraitvibin, some small surprise swag at the event, and a donation to I am A Golfer Donation. Your only other cost for the event is a green fee paid at the front desk the day of the event ($49 for walking, $66 if you would like a cart).

The deposit can be made to me via venmo at @Cameron-Kuenzer or message me if you need another method. Also, please go back into the excel sheet to add in a specified hat size if you have a head like mine. Big heads unite.

If you have any questions, feel free to give me a shout!

Here is a mockup of the hat, inspired by the ice bags we’ve used over the years. Ice bowl participants: if you could, please update your hat size in the excel sheet to regular or XL. Hats are also available to those who can’t play in the ice bowl for $25. Just add your name on the hat order list at the bottom of the Ice Bowl spreadsheet and send a venmo to @cameron-kuenzer.

EDIT: Here is also a mockup of the surprise swag: some alt logo Big Plex tees. Everyone who pays the deposit will get a handful of these bad boys.



We had another dropout, which means that @BHstraitvibin is now off the alternate list. @jarrizle you are now on deck.

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Had another dropout, which puts @Jarrizle in the spot. Let me know if you’re able to play. @jdwpeters You are now first on the alt list.

We’re down to one unpaid deposit, bravo folks. Last day for deposits is Wednesday or we will fill the spot with an alternate.


Santa Claus decided to come early: with the entire group putting down deposits and additional ones doing so on the alternate list, I called Rockwood and got us another tee time. So, the next 4 up on the list can have first dibs and I’ll go down the list if any of them can’t make it. @RSwanger @snaphookleft @Sliceoflife Y’all are up next on the list, as well as Jared Cloud, who I have no contact for if someone does know him.

If y’all are interested, we are intending to make our hat order tomorrow at the latest, so please send a payment to @Cameron-Kuenzer as soon as you’ve decided you’re in.


$ is on the way.

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Okay, last breaking news: I had actually grabbed two tee times, but didn’t expect such a solid response. 8 yes’s later, all 32 individuals have their deposits sent in, so we are all set for our Ice Bowl participants next month.

To the 4 that are on the alternate list, things still may happen, so you will be up next in case someone has to bow out. To those who have paid, keep in mind that if you pull out, the deposit is non refundable so we can donate any proceeds from the event.

Leading up to the event, we will be getting a few items for auction, and we will be opening some threads on discord for virtual bidding before the event. If y’all have any items you would like to donate, let me know so we get those threads set up with details.

Lastly, we will have a virtual draft the beginning of week of the event for those that would like to attend, more than likely that Monday, the 16th, around 9 PM (for our Dads who need to put their kids to bed).

Thanks to everyone for being quick with deposits and responsive to questions. We are looking forward to a heck of an Ice Bowl here in a few week!


We’re a little under two weeks away. Here are a few details regarding the event.

  • Team selection is coming up, so if you want to tell us why you should be drafted, feel free to leave pros and cons below. A virtual draft with the two captains, @therealmarkymark and me, will go down next Tuesday at 9 PM. I’ll create a link in the next couple of days for anyone interested in watching us choose and/or make final cases. I’ll also take a little time to go over the points system we’ll be using.

  • We are currently finishing up two or three super solid Auction item packages, so get ready to bid. We will have those available on our discord. If you are not signed up for our discord, give us a shout and I’ll send you a link.

  • We will head to Rogers Roundhouse after the round next Saturday for those who are sticking around. If you haven’t been, it’s a pretty great little icehouse with a much more affordable selection of drinks and food than Katy Trail (Overhead pic). There are a handful of TV’s inside and on the front of the patio for whatever game 1 of round 2 the NFL gives us.

If anyone has any reason they need to bow out, please let me know ASAP so we can make sure to get your spot filled. Thanks and looking forward to next week.

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Ice Bowl Week is here! Tonight at 9PM @therealmarkymark and I will be making our picks for this week’s event. Below is the link for those who would like to join us.

Also, our auction items will be hitting the discord today. Some highlights include a fitting at Dallas Golf, a store credit at Keeton Park, and, of course, some Big Plex merch. Be on the lookout!

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UPDATE: @therealmarkymark is battling a nasty stomach bug, so we will have to postpone the draft until tomorrow night. Zoom link will be updated.

Auction items are live for virtual bids on our discord. Even if you’re not playing in the event, feel free to make bids on these items. If you don’t know how to use discord, feel free to reach out and we can get some bids in for you. The 5 items are as follows:

    1. A Driver or Iron Custom Fitting at Dallas Golf + a Winston Collection Big Plex Alt Logo Driver Headcover. Certificate picture shows full details of fitting. Estimated Retail value of $180.
      Current bid: $110.

  1. A $100 gift card to Keeton Park and another Big Plex headcover from the Winston Collection. Estimated retail value of $180.
    Current bid: $120.

  2. A bottle of Woodford Reserve and a custom Big Plex Ice Bowl Whiskey Glass. Estimated retail value of $70. Current bid: $65.

  3. A 1.75 Liter of Buffalo Trace and a custom Big Plex “Topo Chico” whiskey glass. Estimated retail value of $175. Current bid: $60.

  4. This will certainly be a group favorite: hand-picked rare finds at the illustrious Waterchase Golf Club. We have a one of a kind iron cover marked “PW” (slight tears show good use) and a rainbow collection of golf balls. A true show stopper. Estimated retail value: priceless. Current bid:$4.20 (may need to close on that price).


We got a late addition to the auction list, but it’s a dandy. Item number six is a used canvas Peter Jacobsen edition Mackenzie golf bag in navy blue. Mackenzie needs little introduction as their handmade bags are making waves in the golf scene. Estimated Retail value is $750. Current bid: $130

This is a crazy low price. Let me know if you need a discord link to make a bid.