PINZ Feedback Thread

This thread is meant to serve as the Feedback thread for the PINZ app, which will be used for Roost competitions, and is a unique opportunity for us to provide feedback on how it will work in the future.

The following is posted on behalf of @Shack and @ShanePINZ who will be responding to inquiries within this thread:

"PINZ is a brand new golf platform that has been brewing in the minds of a group of golf afflicted buddies for several years. We finally decided to make a go of it in late 2021. The goal of PINZ is to nail social competition for golf - where any golfer can connect with their golfing brethren and compete against their friends (or the entire world). Think Instagram meets Draft Kings with a social feed, worldwide leaderboards, virtual competitions, and wagering (eventually). Every round we play should transform into the ultimate match, no matter when, where, or who we play.

PINZ is brand new, but the team is super hungry so we are adding new features every week. As fans of NLU, we are pumped to collaborate with the Roosts to develop the best golf experience on the planet and crave/need your feedback. We like to say that our confidence is high, like being 100 yards out with a wedge in your hand but we are smart enough to still carry a ball retriever. We mean this 100% - just lay it on us - the good, the bad, the ugly. We can take it. Again, our goal is to make something great and the more people who can provide input, the better.

In anticipation of questions, here are a few more details:

  • PINZ is focused between rounds of golf. Our goal is to finish a round, post a score, and have fun.
  • A GHIN number is required. No apologies, just get a handicap and don’t sandbag.
  • It’s free (for now). 2022 is a beta for us. We are not charging and we are not selling your data. But tips are appreciated.
  • iOS and Android: Android will be released by Feb 1.
  • North America focused. We are working hard to get UK/Ireland on board soon (but no dates).
  • Approval process: when you sign up, we have a process where we need to let you in. Give us 24 hours. Just trying to make a great experience for new members.

Lay it on us: this Refuge thread is dedicated to supporting you guys. The goal is twofold

  1. have you all involved in developing the roadmap of features and
  2. customer support.

Otherwise, hit us up - "


  • GRINTERs - your WHS number works with PINZ. Keep it going.

  • North America focused. US today. Canada before the thaw (in process). We are working hard to get UK/Ireland on board soon (but no dates).


@SaveMuny tagging you here as the STROHs IT guy.


Thanks DBG. Shack here from PINZ. Happy to be here and want to let everyone know that we are going to work our a**es off to create a great experience for the Roosts. Ping us anytime. @ShanePINZ


Is it GHIN only? I have a WHS handicap through the grint, would that be accepted?


That’s like an iPhone, but worse, right?


Way worse

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As for the GRINTers… pm your grint number and last name. The GRINT is great. But their handicap system is a different animal than the WHS/GHIN. They recently stopped issuing new handicaps.


@Shack have you got an apk I can sideload as to move fast and break things?

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Sure. I assume you are talking android. Its rough but if you are up for it, I can get you set up. email?



This made my day

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Bravo to whoever was in charge of this haha


On it.


“The files are IN the computer?”


Are GolfCanada (WHS) going to be accepted?


GRINTERS - PINZ works with your WHS number assigned through GRINT. Go for it.

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Any tip to get the scan scorecard feature to pick up the right line on the card? It seems to be pulling my score on the hole and other stats I keep, and mashing them up or adding them together? Also, it said to place hole 5 between the green arrows, however there are no green arrows on the screen for me.

Follow up, will posting here also post to GHIN? Any ability to pull in scores from GHIN? Selfishly I’m lazy, and hate entering stuff in 2 places.



Unless GHIN has since added an API that The Grint doesn’t know about, you can’t pull hole-by-hole scores from GHIN, just final scores.

(though I wouldn’t be shocked if it was possible, and The Grint just didn’t bother to try and push people towards posting via the app)


Signed up and very excited. UI is looking very clean! Shoutout to your designers.