Phoenix Refuge tournament

Hello fellow Refugees/Nestians, I’m considering putting together a tournament next year in the Phoenix area. There has never been one close to Phoenix that I know of and I would love to make it happen. I just don’t know if we would have the numbers. I’ve looked in the Nest directory and there’s a handful of us out here but not enough to do a tournament. How many Refugees do we have and who would be interest? I would also love to get some the NLU boys out as well. All thoughts and comments appreciated


Might get some traction here:

I’d come from Colorado!

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Perhaps schedule it around the WMPO? I know I’ll be in town.

Depending on time, I’d definitely drive over from NM to play.

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I’d come down from Utah for sure.

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i’d be interested

I’m definitely in. Thanks for posting - hope we can make it work as there are little to no events in our next of the woods (or valley)

@Kerindave come join us in the roll call thread my man, we have an event planned to start and run most of the Summer

There are events, just gotta be active to find em!

Yes, I’m interested and ready whenever!

For everyone who has stated they are interested. There are still some details to be ironed out, but there’s a date and a course.