have you played both of the courses there?

I have- only played the old course twice and the north probs 3/4 times. Truly love them both

My Philly Cricket Specific Pitch, but I’ve played a lot of the private courses around and can discuss those separately.

I’m not currently looking to go private yet (getting maried buying a house first etc.) though I asked Cricket for their membership materials when viewing the location for a wedding reception. It was the last course I caddied at in undergrad and I caddied at LuLu, Manufactures, and Squires previously. Philly Cricket is hands down the best overall club for golf in my humble opinion. You get a Tillinghast Classic in Wissihickon and one of the most fun modern designs I’ve ever played in militia hill. St. Davids which is located on a separate property with the original clubhouse (and tennis courts and cricket pitch) is steeped in history and actually hosted the 1907 U.S. Open (AND THEY TORE DOWN 9 HOLES??!!) Their practice facility is the best of any course I’ve worked at as well. As of now I more than likely would just wait to join here than jumping from club to club. They’re on a waitlist currently and you have to start as a golf in waiting member. Either way so worth it.


I love this list, but you already knew that…

I’m such a huge fan of Stonewall and could also talk about it for hours. i have a very good buddy who is a member there so fortunately i get to go out a lot.
My opinion he North course there is definitely my preference over the Old.

I am almost positive there is a Humane Society Charity that hosts an outing there every year so that could be something to look into.


nice. i am headed down next weekend to check them both out for the first time. very excited

I always feel bad saying i am partial to the north course, always thought it was subconscious because ive played significantly better on it. I love the little outdoor bar area there, need a few stiff drinks before taking on the par 3 9th

i just like the routing better and the greens better #4 is a great hole and the North also has a great finishing hole. Overall i just feel like the quality of the holes on the North is greater than those on the old.

The outdoor bar is great and once they finish the new dining area over there it will be even better.

So not sure if it was mentioned on our Roll Call thread but can we get a meet and greet/outing going?


Less of a golf post, more general main line focus

We moved back to area in 06, looked forever in haddonfield and ultimately game up due to ridiculous RE and state income taxes and settled in Wynnewood for all the reasons you mentioned (and the food options weren’t nearly as good as they are now). While 76 sucks, getting to CC from wynnewood/narberth is super easy as you can take the drives and avoid the expressway entirely if you want to. Plus, the “R5” is actually very good (at least relative to my shitty experience on Boston trains). I flew a lot, and there are multiple ways to the airport so very manageable. We had a great experience with LMSD, but then we had to relocate back to Boston and the rest is history. Also, lower merion has no wage tax (or at least didn’t when I moved back), so if you don’t have to work in Philly, you can save even more.

I will say that in the Wynnewood area, I found a ton of Philly Country members, decent amount of Merion and Llanerch, sprinkling of Overbrook, AGC, Cricket, Bala and even the occasional Rolling Green member. Downside is there are no “close” Publics although if Cobbs Creek re-do gets done, would be good option. For example, Glen Mills is solid 45 minutes from Wynnewood / Narberth area

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@missingreens Thanks very much for this post. The northern part of Wynnewood (walkable to both Suburban Square and Whole Foods) is really our Goldilocks zone.

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you could buy nick foles house

Ha. I really expected that to be way outside of our price range. Not too bad.

@Gunga_Galunga looks like once @swade buys Nick Foles house he can host us all for an outing


i moved 4 years ago, but spent the prior 40 in Ardmore and the Ardmore area.

It is a great location on many levels.
Becoming more congested by the year, Ardmore and Narb are great locations if you want to be able to be able to walk to some pubs, shops etc.

Easy access to the train if you need to get into Philly.

The golf in the Philly area is hard to beat.
Especially if you have the funds to join a private club.

I grew up playing public golf mainly at Cobbs Creek.
It can get beat up and way crowded, but it still has the bones of a fantastic course on a world class property. Hopefully it gets restored by Hans and company, but i’ll believe it the day it reopens after project completion.

The golf stuff is pretty well described above. If you have questions about the area or otherwise feel free to ask.


This needs to happen.

Might be the wrong place to post this, but for the local Philly guys, does anyone know why Rolling Green is undergoing another restoration? I was surprised that they’re bringing in Keith Rhebb after the restoration from Forse Design 10 years ago. It’s even more surprising given that @thefriedegg called the original Forse restoration a “resounding success”.

I played there in the late fall, and if I remember correctly they were completely redoing the green of a par 3 on the back, and maybe another par 4. I have no idea why it’s actually happening, but maybe its scope is limited.

Hey guys, first post, I’m in Wynnewood as well. Great place and the Philly area in general has a deep bench of private and public courses. About eight years ago, I put together a site to review the ones I played, rank them, etc. Public wise, I’m a big fan of Jeffersonville and Glen Mills. Watching J Ville transform over the years to what it is now has been awesome. And has been mentioned, New Jersey has a great collection of courses as well.

In terms of Rolling Green, my understanding is that this project is more of a restoration back to original design intent whereas I don’t think Forse focused on that. While there is a master plan, they did some work to the Sixth (mainly tree removal) as a way of showing the members an example of what it would look like before they vote on the master plan. That’s my understanding of it at least but hopefully someone corrects me if I have it wrong.

My site is Tons of reviews of Philly area courses and many others as well if you’re ever curious about some where you haven’t played.


Ehh you’re going to get screwed either way. And the Main Line ain’t exactly known for it’s affordability.

Plus Philly has the wage tax if you live or work there.

I should add that if you’re escaping IL, however I can understand not wanting to get back into tax hell… Love Chicago from June-October, hell otherwise… politics, weather, bro-Cubs fans, etc…

Love the S Jersey convenience… And I can stick a dead body out by the curb and my trash men will take it.

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