Welcome! @MikeRevak can get you sorted in our Philly NLU Roost!

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Welcome!! I’ll add you into the Electric Phactory group so that you can actively comment on any threads we have going in the private chat. Those threads can be found here.

Feel free to check out some of what we’ve got going on! Give me a shout if you need help with anything!

Ditto this comment, long-time first-time would love to join the roost and participate in upcoming events.


Welcome @Ktroilo and @bhung04!

Welcome Brian! Check the post I just added above with the link to our Community Center hub. I’ve also added you to the private group so you can now post in any of those threads if you’d like. Looking forward to having you out sometime!

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Playing Rock Manor in DE on Sunday at 11:10 with 2 non-nest buddies. The last spot is still open if anyone wants to grab it on their website. Happy to have anyone else along.

Damn! I think I’m gonna be caddying that morning otherwise I’d jump on it.

I’m in!

What’s up everyone, just joined the nest today and from the philly area



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Just played there Tuesday. Greens were glass! Really a great value for $65 when everywhere else is hiking their rates north of $100 it seems.

All good things to hear. Unfortunately weekend rate is $89, but will see if it’s worth it. First time playing it.

Anyone know anything about Squire’s Golf Club? Heard it’s an interesting place

Super exclusive, big money, all men, lots of gambling… or at least that’s the word on the street.

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Definitely a strange place and yeah, a big gambling club. It used to be a big hang for ex-athletes. Philadelphia Magazine did an article about the gambling stories years ago that was a funny read.

I played there in the early 90s as a teenager once and thought it was really cool
back then but now it’s like the last place I’d want to spend time at. Not my scene. At all.

I played out of Talamore last year and they border each other. I rarely, if ever, saw anyone playing at Squires. So weird.


Super interesting read!

Have you played stonewall? I’ve read a lot about it and listened to some podcasts where doak has talked about designing it. Sounds really cool and like a fun place


I played Stonewall Old before I moved back to Scotland in 2019. I had so much fun that I had no idea I had played as many as 17 holes when I walked onto 18 tee, if that makes sense. The three hours flew by. A real treat and a wonderful way to spend a half day. I’d a great turkey sandwich afterwards that I still think about.